What is glycerin? What does glycerin do? How is glycerin used?

Glycerin, which is abundant in hand creams, has recently been added to hair creams recently. For those who are looking for a product that moisturizes your skin, protects your face from diseases and blemishes and adds vitality and health to your hair, we offer you what you wonder about glycerin. What is glycerin? What does glycerin do? How is glycerin used? The answer to all questions is in our article.

Glycerin is a substance that was first used in making candles and then very often only in soap making. This liquid product, which is formed by the combination of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen, was first found and used in 1779 by Carl Wilhelm Scheele. Although he says that alcohol is a substance, he stated that he named this substance glycerin because of its sweet and sweet taste. This liquid, which has a colorless, liquid and sweet taste, has the property of mixing with water. Glycerin consists of 35% glycerin, 20% methanol, 30% oil, 10% water, 5% sodium. Glycerol, which has a high boiling point, freezes at 18 ° C and 290 ° C. It is resistant to high temperature. Another name for glycerin is referred to as “glycerol”. It is obtained from animal and vegetable oils.



One of the most used areas has been said before that is the cosmetics industry. Especially creams containing glycerin and shampoos containing glycerin are beneficial for both hair and skin. Here are the benefits of glycerin and its benefits to the skin;

Moisturizes the skin.

Lightens the skin color.

It is effective against skin blemishes.

Destroys cracks over time.

Skin whitening and elimination of skin color differences,

Moisturizes lips.

It is good for hand and foot calluses.

It is effective against mouth sores.

It is good for eczema and sound.

Makeup stabilizer.

Makes nails shine.

Good for heel cracks.

Many creams sold on the market contain glycerin. You can take advantage of using glycerin if you check the content while taking the product.



Usage For Hair: It is applied directly to damp hair to be repeated several times a week. Massage your moist hair with glycerin and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then wash and dry your hair. Glycerin will be effective for your hair health.

Usage For Skin: Apply the glycerin to the desired area with the help of a cotton to moisten your skin. You can moisten the elbows, knee cap and heels in this way.

Lip Protector: Mix some honey, lemon juice and glycerin. Apply a small amount to your lips before sleeping.

To Equalize the Skin Tone: Obtain a liquid mixture from rose water and glycerine and apply to areas with a ton of difference with the help of cotton. Over the lip and around the eyes are the most applied places. It seems that glycerin will replace many cosmetic products with its benefits to the skin.


Foot Care: Soak your feet in warm water for a while. As soon as the calluses soften, file the calluses with a foot file. Then wash your feet with glycerin and let it dry. After drying, you should wear a new sock. It eliminates foot problems such as callus in regular use.

For Oral Health: Fill half of a glass with drinking water and half with glycerin. Gargle and spit this mixture. In this way, with the application, the bad breath is eliminated and the wounds inside the mouth disappear.

Nail Care: Mix some glycerin, rose water and oxygenated water in a small bowl. Soak your nails in this water for 10 minutes. The effect of this water is to add shine and vitality to your nails.

Ear Cleaning: Glycerin is used for ear drops. When a few drops are dropped into the ear, it will drain the dust in the ear.

In Flower Storage: Flower drying method is frequently applied with glycerin. To keep live flowers in your home for a long time, prepare a water with glycerin and store the thick-stemmed flowers in the vase in this water. Your flowers that will fade after a while will not go to the trash and will become a decoration of your home.



When you want to buy glycerin, you can go to the nearest pharmacy. If you specify your intended use, you can obtain it more easily. Average pure and natural glycerin 5 TL

You can buy it for a fee like . If you cannot find it in pharmacies, you can purchase this product from virtual pharmacies that sell glycerin by shopping online. Glycerine soap produced for skin care is approximately 20 TL

It is sold from .

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