What is good for fennel tea?


Fennel, a medicinal plant that belongs to the family of parsley, is called Foeniculum vulgare L. in Latin. Health benefits of fennel do not stop with counting. Fennel tea relieves the stomach and intestinal tract, from cough; From headaches, it helps in regulating blood pressure in many ways. Here are the benefits of fennel tea you have never heard of before!

Cough cuts, expectoration

In addition to eliminating throat fires caused by flu and colds, anetol and fennone, which are considered to be good for cough, are thought to relieve the airways. It supports the immune system against pathogens in the body. In addition to its expectorant effect, it is also effective in opening the nasal canals. It can be used by gargling for sore throat. It can be effective in curing diseases like bronchitis.

Relieves stomach and intestinal system

Fennel tea, which increases the motility of the stomach and intestine, or in other words, its mobility, can be consumed to eliminate disorders such as bloating of the digestive system, stomach cramps, gas and muscle spasm. Fennel tea, thought to help fight ulcer-causing bacteria, may alleviate the symptoms of the disease. When it is drunk after dinner, it facilitates digestion and gives a feeling of satiety. It is also known to be good for constipation.

Regulates blood pressure

Fennel tea, known to be effective in regulating blood pressure, relaxes the vessels that are stretched thanks to its potassium content. It is thought to be good for hypertension.

Accelerates metabolism

The fennel plant is known to accelerate metabolism. A cup of fennel tea, which is drunk before bedtime, allows the metabolism to work faster overnight. In addition, since it is effective in overcoming the feeling of hunger in the morning, it can be consumed together with the diet program.

Reduces menstrual pain

Menstrual pains, which most women experience, arise from the contraction of the uterus. Fennel tea can be consumed to alleviate this condition that causes intense pain. Fennel tea can also help relax the muscles of the body, making it easier to get through periods of menstruation.

Relieves headaches

Fennel tea is also thought to be good for headaches due to its muscle relaxant effect. In limited studies, fennel has been shown to have a centrally effective pain relieving effect.

Increases breast milk

Fennel tea, which is thought to stimulate the hormone estrogen and is known to be a galactogog herb, can produce more milk in the mother’s body. It also provides fluid balance as it is rich in sodium and potassium minerals. The use of fennel tea during breastfeeding should be done with the recommendation of a physician.

Reduces babies’ gas pains

Fennel tea, which is known to have an effect on the formation of sleep patterns of babies over six months, should be consulted with the physician before giving to babies.

Removes swelling in the eyes

After the fennel tea is brewed, it is cooled and rubbed around the eyes with the help of cotton, is effective in reducing puffiness in the eyes.

Caution while consuming fennel tea!

Medicinal herbs teas can be consumed by babies, children, pregnant women, nursing mothers, elderly people and people who use medicines all the time. In case of such situations, consult your physician before consuming herbal teas.

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