What is Guava, it eliminates acne and keeps the skin clean!


Guava, a tropical fruit grown in Central America and Asian countries, is an incredibly beneficial food for the body with its structure containing more vitamin C than citrus fruits. The taste of the gavel, with its taste reminiscent of a mixture of fruits such as pineapple, grapefruit, banana and pear, contains very small hard seeds and is usually pink or salmon colored. Guava fruit is a unique fruit for removing acne and having clean skin. Here are the benefits of guava fruit you do not know!

What is Guava?

It is derived from the Latin word “psidium”, meaning guava pomegranate, whose homeland is Mexico, Central America. The cultivation of the gouache, which has about 100 species, is now being cultivated in South Asia, Hawaii, the Caribbean and Africa. This fruit, which has many benefits for health, has a structure that has leaves ranging from 5 to 15 cm in length, from simple green or oval in the opposite direction to dark green. Its flowers are white and contain 5 petals, various male reproductive organs.

Protects against diseases

As a super fruit, guava does not only provide you with nutrients that strongly nourish your health and immune system, it can actually protect against a wide range of diseases and diseases.

Prevents brain diseases

The carotenoids, flavonoids and terpenoids, antioxidant compounds found in Guava also have anti-inflammatory effects that can prevent degenerative brain diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and even alzheimer’s.

Provides clean skin

Guava kills acne-causing bacteria, providing a cleaner skin.

Regulates mood

B vitamins present in Guava not only protect your cognitive functions, but also play an important role in regulating your mood and hormones.

Help lose weight

Contributing to the digestive system due to its fiber content, guava is also a great food for weight loss.

How to use Guava?

Guava, an exotic fruit, is a taste that will suit the cheese plate. You can make cheesecakes, sorbets or mini fruit tarts with guavas, which you can also use in desserts. You can also add smoothies, juices and fruit salads to them.

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