What is Huntington’s disease? What are the symptoms of Huntington? Is there a treatment for Huntington?

We searched for those who were curious about Huntington’s disease, which turned the person’s life into a nightmare, where motor disorder, cognitive and mental disorders were seen together. Huntington’s disease is on the list of rare diseases. So what is huntington’s disease? What are the symptoms of Huntington? Is there a treatment for Huntington? In the details of the news, you can find the curious about Huntington’s disease.

Huntington, seen as a genetic neurological disease, made his name for the first time in 1872 when he discovered the disease and made studies to be genetic. It takes it from George Huntington. Insidious disease shows its first symptoms between the ages of 30 and 50. If he had a child during this period, the probability of passing to him is 50 percent. It is not deadly, but it lowers the quality of life. It makes it difficult for a person to live on his own. It is caused by a defect in proteins. In 1993, the 4th chromosome was detected to be the gene causing the disease. HD gene, which is due to the increase in the amount of quinolinic acid in the brain, is on the 4th chromosome. Huntington’s disease occurs due to the deformation of this gene. This gene is linked to nerve cells in the brain. When damaged, it can cause both motor and intellectual and mental disorders in the body.



Sudden stiffness and coordination of the muscles are experienced.

Eye movements start to become abnormal.

Impaired motor movements.

Continuous loss of balance.

Difficulty in gathering thoughts.

Problems in generating quick ideas.

Reflex disorder

Difficulty in accepting against innovations.

Do not forget everything that has already been learned and feel the ability to lose

Don’t act unconsciously without speaking

Increased chronic fatigue and insomnia

Quick boring in bulk areas due to lack of energy

Shows symptoms such as constant feeling of loneliness and suicidal tendency.



There is no definitive cure because it occurs due to gene disorder. However, the severity of the symptoms is tried to be reduced. With the medication and some treatment methods, falling quality of life is tried to be improved. In these treatments, which must be planned, psychotherapy is applied to control the physical and mental state in order to recover the abilities that the patient has begun to lose.

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