What is hyaluronic acid? What are the benefits to the skin? How is hyaluronic acid applied to the skin?

Every day, trends are changing both in skin care and make-up. These changing trends include Hyaluronic acid, which is said to be made especially for those who want their skin to be smooth. We have examined what you wonder about Hyaluronic acid used in both care products and care methods. Does hyaluronic acid work as much as you think? What are the benefits to the skin? The answer to all questions is in the details of our news.

Hyaluronic Acid, a new trend in skin care, is among the components in the form of polysaccharides containing amino acids called glucosaminoglycans, which are naturally located in the joints and skin in all connective tissue in our body. These components add flexibility, strength and moisture to the connective tissue. Some problems on the skin are caused by the damage or decrease of these connective tissues. It is precisely here that Hyaluronic acid comes into play. It plays a major role in important matters such as delaying the effects of aging, reducing the appearance of wrinkles, preventing sagging on the skin, and protecting the skin against sun and other environmental negativities. Hyaluronic acid, comes up with several different forms. All the details about Hyaluronic acid, which is the focus of attention for those who want flawless and moist skin, but also excites the cosmetic world. jasmine. the comer!


Hyaluronic acid, is of great importance in the human body due to its ability to attract and bind water molecules. It softens joints and nerves. In this way, it provides the skin and hair to be moisturized naturally without disturbing the body’s balance.

Hyaluronic acid, which has 15 grams in the human body, causes the skin to dry out as the production slows down in older ages. For this reason, wrinkles become deeper and become clearly visible on the skin surface. You can eliminate the problems in your skin in a short time thanks to Hyaluronic acid, which is made from the outside with the massage method or supplemented using other different methods.



When hyaluronic acid serums are applied to the skin, it makes the skin look smooth, bright, lively and natural with its high water retention ability.

Eliminates acne scars and prevents acne formation.

It helps the skin to maintain its vitality, freshness and naturalness for many years.

When used regularly, it reduces wrinkles.



Hyaluronic acid is applied twice a year in seasonal transitions, especially in spring. Experts emphasize that it will be more efficient to apply this serum for people over 25 years old. Well, How is hyaluronic acid serums applied?

You can apply it by massaging your entire face and neck area with the help of cotton in the morning or evening.

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