What is Hydrafacial and what does it do? How is Hydrafacial skin care done? Hydrafacial prices

A new trend is emerging day by day in the beauty and care sector. Now, “Hydrafacial application” is done to remove skin blemishes and clean the skin deeply. We answer all the details about Hydrafacial skin care made with professional machines in our news today.         

Hydrafacial ; is a skin care method used in skin resurfacing, acne, acne, blemish, pit or anti-aging treatments. Hydrafacial method women who want to make their skin always look bright, flawless and radiant, also moisturizes the skin and also makes it look healthy. Instead of using unconscious, unsuitable care products that you do daily or weekly, you can have the skin you want with this method. Hydrafacial made using a device that works with the vacuum method to deeply clean the skin is completely painless and painless because it does not contain injection and similar methods. Fine scratches and wrinkles on the skin surface, existing color differences and spots can be treated with serums prepared for different skin types.


Thanks to the Hydrafacial method, deep skin cleansing, peeling, renewal, moisturizing and antioxidant protection procedures can be applied in a single session. The vacuum vortex nozzle, which cleans up to the bottom layer of the skin, peels the skin at a microscopic level, purifying it from all the dead cells, excess oil and black spots that cause the pores to close.


Hydrafacial administration is very simple, accelerating cell metabolism and regeneration. At first, the cleaning solution suitable for the skin type of the person to be treated is selected. Skin surface and pores are softened and the skin is cleaned by applying vacuum. Then the solution specially selected for the skin type and problem is applied to the skin. The operation is started by attaching the radiofrequency cap to the machine. This title; Since the applied solution contains the peptide, antioxidant and hyaluronic acid that activates the collagen structure, it provides moisturizing, repair and renewal of the skin.

After this process, the shock effect is created with the cooler cap so that the solution is trapped in the skin. At the last stage, skin therapy is stimulated by applying LED therapy. This process ensures tightening of the pores and protection for a long time.



This method, which can be applied safely from the most sensitive skin type to very oily skin type every day of the year , makes a noticeable difference in the first session. In therapeutic applications, a cure of 4 to 6 sessions is applied at one-week intervals . In cosmetic applications, it is recommended to repeat once a month in order to maintain the ideal appearance.



While cleansing the skin deeply, it also removes dead skin with a vacuum cap.

Allows for removing imbalances in skin tone.

It is the application where you can see a big change in the first session.

All operations are completed in a short time of about 30 minutes.

It can be safely applied to women and men of all ages.



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