What is Implantation bleeding during pregnancy? How to distinguish between implantation bleeding and menstrual bleeding

Implantation bleeding, also known as implantation bleeding, does not show any signs of pregnancy as it does not occur in every woman. Symptoms of implantation bleeding often confused with menstrual bleeding! What is the difference between implantation bleeding and menstrual bleeding, How does implantation bleeding occur? Is implantation a sign of pregnancy, what is the vision on pregnancy? Pregnancy bleeding:

Appearing as more overlooking or settling bleeding in society Implantation bleedingIt occurs when the embryo reaches the uterus as a result of the physical union of couples who want to have a baby, and the bleeding occurs after settling there. The implantation situation, which we often hear about bleeding during pregnancy, can be seen in blemishes, as well as in an intense bleeding similar to the menstrual period. These short and painless bleedings, which are not seen in every woman, may be the first harbinger of the dream of a baby for a long time. It should not be forgotten that there are many expectant mothers who do not have implantation bleeding (seeing over) despite being pregnant. However, this journey from a few hours to a few days is not the sure sign of pregnancy. Among the bleeding seen during pregnancy, spotting, light or painful bleeding due to various reasons can sometimes be confused with menstrual bleeding. However, menstrual bleeding, which can replace fertilization, and the bleeding seen during pregnancy are not one. Expectant mothers often experience anxiety and fear due to the possibility of harm to their babies in the uterus for bleeding that occurs during pregnancy due to reasons such as miscarriage, multiple pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy and infection. So, what are the harbingers of bleeding during pregnancy? What is implantation bleeding? How to distinguish between implantation bleeding and menstrual bleeding? Here are some things to know about pregnancy bleeding …


In the most general sense, implantation bleeding, which is one of the most important signs of pregnancy symptoms. (don’t see or settle on)We can call it the process of implantation of the baby in the mother’s womb. Bleeding 3-4 days before the pregnancy test of those who get pregnant with the IVF method can be seen as a result of a failed pregnancy in the first place and may be disappointed. However, this bleeding is a bleeding that occurs as a result of the embryo adhering to the uterus and is a sign of pregnancy.

If women who want a planned pregnancy do not bleed on the normally expected menstrual period after physical intimacy with their spouses, pregnancy may be suspected.

What is over sight? How does implantation bleeding occur? Settlement bleeding features

The reason for not having menstrual bleeding, which is one of the sure signs of pregnancy; the woman in the reproductive period ovulation by the month. In order for the uterus to hold ovulation, it must not be protected, and as a result of fertilization, the embryo attaches to the uterine wall and reaches the tissue.

This tissue is removed from the body with exfoliation and bleeding. In this way, menstrual bleeding is seen in the months without pregnancy. Therefore, when there is no menstruation, the result is attributed to pregnancy.

After the ovulation is seen, the embryo formed by fertilization will have bleeding with a light spotting appearance, although not severe. If this type of bleeding implantation bleeding called.


Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Prof. Dr. Banu Kumbak Aygün gave the following information about how the implantation bleeding occurs during pregnancy:

When the sperm and the egg unite in the fallopian tubes, that is, after the fertilization, it moves towards the uterus and then the uterine wall thickens, the embryo clings to the uterus. The embryo, which has a high amount of secretion and has blood, shows light pink or brown blood during attachment.

The characteristic of this bleeding is that it continues in an unexpected period, 2-5 days before the menstrual period, in a different way than the menstrual period, with a small amount of and shorter stains.


Is implantation bleeding a sign of pregnancy? How is implantation bleeding?

Obstetrician Op. Dr. According to the statements of Ümmügülsüm Soytürk, Progesterone, HCG, estrogen and chorionic Settlement bleeding, which triggers hormones, is a condition seen during pregnancy. When there is no implantation bleeding, exfoliation will be seen on the uterine wall in the normal monthly cycle. For those who want to get pregnant, this event is menstrual bleeding, that is, it is a negative situation for baby formation. After the implantation bleeding occurs, with the development of the placenta and embryo, the fetus will take its place in the uterus.


How to distinguish between menstrual bleeding and implantation bleeding?

The implantation, which is often confused with the bleeding during the menstrual period, can be decomposed by its structure and color on the laundry.. Implantation bleeding is slightly pinkish and small. The difference from bleeding during menstruation occurs between the 10th and 14th days after intercourse. Some expectant mothers may have great fear by confusing implantation bleeding that occurs in the first three months with low bleeding. However, the baby is trying to settle in your womb at this time. Light spotting or bleeding may occur after the resulting mobility. Implantation bleeding If this situation is very common, then a doctor should be visited.

Implantation bleeding when the color is pale pink or pale brown menstrual bleeding it is a more vibrant red blood color.

Settlement bleeding While it is thick and like discharge menstrual bleeding is fluid.

Settlement bleeding While it takes a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 3 days menstrual bleeding It may take 10 days.

Settlement bleeding when it happens before your period menstrual bleeding It is seen at certain times every month.

implantation bleeding color

Distinctive point: If the bleeding is initially very dark brown and then turns red then this bleeding is nothing more than menstrual bleeding.


What is implantation bleeding? Vision bleeding

This bleeding, which is mostly painless, is expected to decrease gradually. If there is an increase in pain or pain, except for the bleeding to stop, a doctor should be consulted. Implantation bleeding between the 10th and 14th days after an unprotected intercourse can occur in the first trimester of pregnancy. Some changes observed in the body when seeing over, that is, settling bleeding, are as follows:

Mild cramps and pains,
Mood differences, nervousness and irritability,
Sudden temperature increase and descent in the body,
Frequent urge to urinate
Oily and acne is seen on the skin.


Performing a pregnancy test 3 days after implantation bleeding is likely to show a positive result. However, a pregnancy test should be applied on the day the bleeding is completely over to get clear information.

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