What is inflamed sputum a harbinger of what? Natural formula for getting rid of inflamed sputum

Sputum, which appears as a symptom of diseases such as upper respiratory tract, is not a disease in itself. Sputum, which is seen for various reasons, is rarely seen as inflamed. This dark and greenish phlegm may be the harbinger of more serious diseases. That’s why we have compiled those who are curious about inflamed sputum for you. So what is the inflammatory sputum a harbinger of?

Sputum, which has a moisturizing task in the respiratory system, turns into a high infectious disease. Sputum prevents damage to the throat while breathing in and ensures a smoother air flow to the lungs. Inflammation increases in the accumulation of viruses and bacteria and the sputum that becomes sensitive to them. This makes it green and darker in consistency. Inflamed sputum that comes out with a cough reflex and makes swallowing difficult, indicates some diseases. Inflamed sputum is a harbinger of an adverse complication in the lungs in general. It is a symptom of diseases such as lung parasites, bronchitis, asthma and pneumonia. Inflamed sputum also increases odor in the mouth. When coughing, a slimy structure that reaches the mouth tract comes out. Sometimes this structure gets stuck in the throat and causes a constant cough. It negatively affects the quality of life of the person. In such cases, it is better to consult a physician. However, at the point where there is no serious condition, at home, you can get rid of the inflamed sputum with natural cure. It increases during the winter months. In addition, this situation is common in those who smoke a lot.

Onion garlic lemon provides powerful effect in removing inflamed sputum


It is prepared by adding onion, garlic, chestnut honey, lemon juice and ginger or black pepper, which are the strongest anti-inflammatory foods.

Half an onion

– A clove of garlic

– 1/5 glass of water

– 1/5 tablespoon chestnut honey

Half a glass of lemon juice

– A teaspoon of ginger or optional black pepper

Mix well-washed onion, garlic, water and lemon juice and put on the stove in a pot. While it is boiling, add the ginger or black pepper into it. After 5 minutes, remove from heat. Strain and pour into a glass, add chestnut honey and consume lukewarm. Also, swallow a medium-soft piece of bread without chewing too much. Then drink this mixture.

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