What is Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is a regional fat melting method. It can also be called local slimming. Phosphatidyl choline derived from soy is used during application. Long ago, components prepared with different components, namely oleic acid and lineloic, were used in small amounts in mesotherapy cocktails. It is used in large and pure amounts in lipootraphy application. In addition to the use of some blood flow enhancing and tissue stimulating agents, auxiliary agents that can be added depending on whether the tissues are fit or sagging, soft or hard. It is an effective treatment method because it gives very close results to liposuction in suitable people.

Phosphatidyl choline has been administered intravenously for almost 10 years to help stabilize blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, and for certain purposes in people with paralysis, and high doses are used. Therefore, its reliability and efficiency has been proven. It is an active ingredient approved by the FDA. It is a phosphoglyceride found in many of the cell membranes of developed organisms. Since its effect shows by increasing the permeability and fluidity of the fat cell membrane, it facilitates the exit of the ipidic compounds out of the cells. As a result, it shows its effect by bringing fat cells to normal sizes or by destroying them.

For What Purpose Is Lipolysis Used?

Lipotherapy is used in detention bags, in the removal of fat formed around the eyes, lipomas, gynecomastia treatment, cellulite treatment and certain deformities due to fat. For almost 5 years, it has been very effective in eliminating the fats formed in custody, known as cholesterol accumulation. It is also very effective in deformities that can occur after surgical procedures and fat removal. It is often preferred for cellulite appearance. Men especially prefer it to eliminate back fat.


In Which Regions Is Lipolysis Application Effective?

Lipolysis application is applied in custody bags, under-chin fat and jelly as well as fats in the body. Liposuction gives effective results in the armpit area, which is very difficult to perform and which is a problem for women. It can be applied on arms, leg area, hip, hip, waist and abdomen. When applied with exercise and a balanced diet, it produces very long-term results.

How many sessions should be done for lipolysis application?

Lipolysis application session and its results vary according to the amount of fat in the body, age and weight. It should be applied for 2 to 4 sessions in generally problematic areas. Approximately 85% of people notice the changes in their bodies after the second session. It was observed in the application that the effect was seen quite a lot after 3 sessions in overweight women and this peak continued after 6 sessions. The main effect is observed after the 2nd session. After this session, people realize that their thinning is also observed by the environment. Generally, the number of sessions is determined as 4 to 8. This will determine the body fat mass and the drugs used. The amount of dose that can be applied in one session is absolutely certain.

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