What is Milia? How to treat milia at home? How do the oil glands on the face pass?

We are here to inform you about milia and milium, which is a very common skin problem recently. Milia mixed with the sebaceous gland or the pimple whitening can cause serious health problems when wrongly intervened at home. You can find all details about milia in the details of our news.

Milia are superficial keratin cysts, usually less than 3 mm. Milia, which is usually mixed with oil gland, is called millium when one percent is removed. This condition, which can be seen in all age groups, occurs with the squeezing of keratin on the surface of the skin. The milia, which comes out in the form of blisters like a small white or yellow dome, is not itchy and painful like acne. White cysts, which appear to be a frightening condition when first appeared, are a skin problem that must be treated by a specialist. It should not be attempted to be hand-tightened or destroyed with a metal apparatus. You can rarely encounter the problem that can be seen in other parts of the body, such as the genital area, in newborn babies. So what are the causes of milia? How is Milia treated? Is Milia treated at home? Let’s learn the answer to your questions together. . .



Milia or millium occurs due to malnutrition or genetic characteristics. It occurs as a result of the accumulation of fat in the veins under the eyes. This aesthetically unpleasant image can herald different diseases in the body. One of the most important reasons for the formation of white pimples that consist of one or more of these under your eyes is high blood fat levels.

Drinking beverages containing excess caffeine during the day may increase ground for milia consumption. Insomnia and unhealthy lifestyle can cause these sebaceous glands to form under the eyes.


It will be the first step to find out why you have caused small oil glands on your skin for a long time. You should get detailed information from the specialist. Surgery may be required for many and long-standing milia.



Keeping your skin and eye area clean will be the first step.

When you use fennel oil regularly, you can easily get rid of the sebaceous glands around your eyes.

Brew the chamomile tea and use it as a tonic on your skin when it becomes lukewarm. You can repeat this application several times a week.

Boil a potato and peel it. Grind a tablespoon of potatoes and mash them. Apply as a mask around your eyes. You can clean your skin after 10 minutes.




1 tablespoon of avocado

1 teaspoon of wheat oil


Grind the avocado in a glass bowl and mash it. Add wheat oil and mix. Apply with a light massage of your eye area, which is free from makeup and clean. Clean your skin after 5 minutes.

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