What is Mitomani lying disease? What are the conditions that trigger mitonami disease?

We have researched everything about the mitonami disease that President Erdoğan mentioned in his speech. One of the most terrible of psychological disorders is mitomania, which is a lying disease. These patients constantly lie to find a place in society. So what is mitomania lying disease? What are the conditions that trigger mitonami disease? Here are the answers. . .

One of the common diseases of the modern era, mitomania occurs in people who need to lie down. Over time, they make this a habit. The most horrible part of the disease is that the patient believes in all the lies he throws. Following this disease, a behavioral disorder occurs in the person. Most of these patients are not aware that they are sick, while the majority do not accept that they are sick. Experts state that the most risky time of the disease is the suicide attempt of the patients when they realize that they are not the ones who lie and stop believing these lies anymore. In researches, two people out of 4 have this disease worldwide. As with the basis of all psychological diseases, this disease occurs with the triggering of suppressed emotions in childhood. It endeavors to take place in the society with successes or events that do not progress as the person grows older. In some studies, it has been revealed that the majority of this disease consists of individuals from the business world and politics, which are mentioned as white collar.



Lying people around him during childhood,

Childhood traumas that settled subconsciously,

Fear of humiliation,

Request to be approved by someone,

When he says it correctly, situations such as not believing his word trigger the disease.


Insists on lie.

Even if his lie appeared, he would not regret it.

He believes himself in the lies he tells,

Continuous lie talk even though he has no return,

The person who has situations such as displaying harsh attitudes when his lie appears is a diseased liar.



It is necessary to acknowledge that the Mitomanian patient is primarily a patient rather than a liar. It is very important to be calm while convincing these people. The psychologist is a cliché, but he starts the treatment by listening to the patient’s childhood memories. During the treatment, the doctor also speaks to the patient’s relatives. Because this relapse-causing discomfort can bring serious problems. People with this disease worldwide are hospitalized as other psychological disorders are triggered.

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