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What is Multi-Program High School?

What is Multi-Program High School?

Sual: What is multi-program high school?


High school, vocational high school and technical high school are the high schools in which high number of population and students are few.

Multi-Program High Schools, since the academic year of 2014-2015 Multi-Program Anatolian High School with the name of continuing education.

The diploma is awarded according to the program, for example, graduates of a vocational high school with a multi-program high school receive a vocational high school diploma, and a flat high school with a flat high school diploma.

The student who has graduated from one of the vocational and technical education programs of the multi-program high school has the same right as the graduates of the schools which only offer vocational and technical education.

Considering the conditions of the environment and school, the departments and programs in the multi-program high school are determined accordingly.

In Multi-Program High Schools (ÇPL), each program provides appropriate training for its curriculum.

Practical training is offered in the multi-program high school vocational and technical education program.

There is an internship opportunity related to the departments of the vocational and technical department of multi-program high school. In return, they are paid and insured.

Multi-program vocational and technical high school graduates can make the transition to the associate degree program of the university without examination.

Students who graduate from High School in Multi-Program High Schools (ÇPL) do not have the possibility of transfer to university without examination.

There are some multi-program high schools in which you can enjoy the morning-lunch-dinner free of charge.

In Multi-Program High Schools (ÇPL), each student is chosen from the courses given to him and tourism, clothing, machinery, high school, etc., each student graduates from his department.


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