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What is Neck Straightening? Herbal treatment

What is Neck Straightening? Herbal treatment

Normally the letter C in the form of the neck spine, flattened for various reasons, such as sticks and flattened to prevent blood transfusion to the brain is called neck flattening. Neck straightening is the loss of the natural curvature of the neck. When there is not enough blood to go to the brain, headache and neck pain are the first symptoms of neck flattening. This condition is followed by symptoms such as dizziness, forgetfulness and becoming more touchy. Neck straightening also causes fatigue and fatigue. The more we sleep, the more we feel tired. These are typical signs of neck straightening. Symptoms such as ringing in the ears and instability also occur if the neck straightening is not treated for a long time. If the neck straightening is left untreated, it may also disrupt the discs between the vertebrae and cause a neck hernia. In addition, long-term treatment of neck straightening may cause neck calcification.


Symptoms of Neck Straightening

Headache (pain behind the nape, temples, forehead and eyeballs)

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Neck pain
  • Tinnitus
  • Eclipse in the neck

Shoulder pain

  • Fatigue exhaustion
  • Pain in the jaw
  • Back and low back pain
  • Quick fatigue
  • Compatibility on the back
  • Insomnia
  • Elevation of blood pressure

Tension, stress

  • Mind blur

Speech disorder

  • Stress in the concentration
  • Having trouble turning the neck
  • numbness in the body, feet, tingling

Pain in the nape of the neck

  • Nausea
  • Touchability
  • Forgetfulness
  • Impaired concentration
  • Numbness and pain in the arms. In the flattening of the neck, the bone channels through which the nerves to the arms pass are narrowed, causing numbness and pain in the arms.
  • As a result of neck flattening, the vagus nerve that regulates the workings of our internal organs is stretched and the functioning of the vagus nerve is impaired. This causes problems such as palpitation, hunger, bloating in the stomach, indigestion, flatulence and constipation.

What Causes Neck Straightening?

    1. False posture disorders acquired in working life, reading and working habits by looking downwards for a long time (bankers, journalists, writers, accountants, professions such as computers, musicians, artists, writers, ceramics, sculptors, factories, etc.) professional situations)
    2. Osteoporosis (bone resorption) disease causing loss of bone mass and thinning of bone
    3. Touchy, sensitive and perfectionist people and those living under stress are at risk for neck straightening. They accumulate a lot of stress on them, and neck areas can also be affected and neck flattening may occur.
    4. Lifting heavy loads as often as rawness
    5. Obesity overweight may change the center of gravity of the body and make the neck straight.
    6. The habit of sleeping in unhealthy beds, using inappropriate pillows
    7. Driving a long-term vehicle
    8. Stress and injury of the neck for various reasons
    9. Impaired posture factors such as excessive use of computers, long stay on the Internet, long-term television viewing
    10. Wet hair, to go out without drying the hair
    11. Continuous upside-down work done by looking forward (handcraft, painting, gilding work, such as work)

Scoliosis-like anatomical disorders

Which doctor to go to the neck straightening?

You should go to the Physical Therapy doctor for neck straightening. The doctor will give you various exercises if he considers it necessary. It will recommend exercises such as swimming, pilates, which strengthen neck muscles. Orthopedic pillow use is also a doctor’s advice. Pain relievers and muscle relaxants, Stress-reducing antidepressant drugs can be used for neck straightening prescribed by the doctor.

How to Diagnose Neck Straightening?

The best methods for the diagnosis of neck straightening are physical examination by the doctor to check whether the neck flattening and MRI. MRI is used to determine the degree of neck straightening.

How is Neck Straightening Treated?

Brain and Nerve Surgery Aybars Akkor recounts; Neck tension is not very advanced, yet in the initial phase muscle relaxant drugs can be prevented by hot application, noiseless and resting in low-light places. However, if the neck tension is advanced and the pain spreads in the arms, physical therapy should be added to the treatment. Surgical intervention may also be required if there is an advanced neck hernia added to the present disease. Neck straightening is a health problem that does not require surgery. Once the neck is flattened, it is no longer possible to return. However, the neck muscles can be relaxed using a variety of methods to minimize the effects of this disease. The best treatment methods for neck straightening include neural therapy, some methods of physical therapy, especially the McCanzy method, and hydrotherapy. These treatments require repetition every year. With this treatment after the relaxation of the neck to maintain this condition, necessarily water treatment, especially 2 days a week to go to the pool or back to the neck swimming in the water and do arm-turning movements is very useful.

What problems arise if neck straightening is not treated?

If the neck straightening is not treated, the person often experiences symptoms such as headache, neck pain and tinnitus, and painkillers do not stop pain, which can lead to depression. Continuous neck tension caused by neck straightening triggers the formation of neck hernia, and numbness and weakness occur in the arms. Problems arise during walking, such as imbalances, difficulty in walking, inability to perform fine movements.

Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Saracoglu Neck Straightening Herbal Treatment

Prof.Dr. Ibrahim Saracoglu recommends cold-press sesame oil for herbal treatment of neck straightening.

2-3 teaspoons sesame oil 3 teaspoons bitter apple oil (sage oil) is mixed and massage the neck area.

What to do to prevent neck straightening?

  1. He should stay away from stress and people who upset us.
  2. Heavy things should not lift.
  3. Should not carry a load with one arm.
  4. It should not remain inactive for a long time, but must lead an active active life
  5. He should not go out without drying his hair.
  6. The air conditioner must not remain in front of the fan and the draft.
  7. Correct posture and sitting disorders should be corrected to prevent neck and waist straightening.
  8. Eye disorders should be treated
  9. He should not lie face down and on his back, but prefer a side position
  10. Gently massage your neck and face with ozone oil (preferably wellozone) every evening.



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