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What is Neu Lowness, What are the causes and how is it treated?

What is Neu Lowness, What are the causes and how is it treated?

Neutropenia means a low neu (neutrophil) number that is not normally. Neutrophils are a kind of white blood cell that plays an important role in combating infections caused by bacteria. It is produced by bone marrow. For adults, a microliter of less than 1500 neutrophils in the blood, neutropenia is considered to be neu low. The number of cells with neutropenia in children varies by age. Neutrophil abortion can be detected by blood test.

Some may be below neutral in some cases. But this is not a very risky situation. If a microliter is less than 1000 neutrophils in the blood, especially less than 500, the person is considered to have neutropenia. In this case, any bacteria in your mouth or in your digestive system can cause serious infections.

Causes of Netropenia:

Neutrophils occur in bone cells. Anything that interferes with neutrophil production causes neutropenia. Specific causes: Leukemia, Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Chemotherapy, Alcohol Dependence, Vitamin Deficiency are among the reasons leading to neutropenia.

The main cause of neutropenia is chemotherapy in the treatment of cancer. While the number of cells is expected to rise as before, people with chemotherapy-induced neutropenia become more vulnerable to infections.

Some infections also cause neutropenia:

Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV / AIDS, Laym disease, Malaria, Salmonella, Other viral infections that prevent bone marrow, Tuberculosis.

Some other conditions that damage neutrophils in the blood stream: autoimmune diseases or arthritis, drugs such as antibiotics, spleen growth.

Other causes of neutrophil (NEU)

  1. Nutrient deficiency
  2. Infection
  3. Problems in neutrophil production in bone marrow
  4. Diseases and damages affecting bone marrow

Reasons for reducing neutrophil production:

  1. Chemotherapy
  2. Radiation Therapy
  3. Infectious diseases causing insufficient bone marrow production
  4. Diseases affecting bone, such as bone cancer

Infections causing neutropenia:

  1. Diseases of the innate immune system
  2. Crohn’s disease
  3. Lupus
  4. Tuberculosis disease
  5. AIDS
  6. Viral hepatitis
  7. Rheumatoid arthritis (joint inflammation)

Chance of neutropenia is a rare condition. Because your doctor is asking for a blood test because of an inconvenience that you have already experienced. Tests will show the causes of neutropenia. Additional tests can also be carried out if necessary. In the case of neutropenia, your body is vulnerable to bacteria. That’s why your doctor will take the necessary precautions. It is helpful to wear a mask, wash your hands regularly, and not make a lot of contact with people who are sick.

Treatment of Neutropenia

  1. Antibiotics for bacterial infections
  2. Immunosuppressive drugs
  3. Drugs that increase the number of granulocytes
  4. Anti-inflammatory remedies
  5. Vitamin supplement
  6. White blood cell transplantation
  7. Granulocyte Transplantation
  8. Stem cell transplantation
  9. If necessary, the drug should be replaced as soon as possible if the disease is caused by the side effects of any medication.

Precautions to prevent the failure of Neu

  1. Provide good hygiene. Pay attention to hand and tooth cleaning.
  2. You should avoid contact with sick people because you are not resistant to diseases.
  3. Clean and wrap cuts and scratches.
  4. Instead of razor blades, use an electric shaver. Thus, reduce the risk of skin irritation.
  5. Do not keep diapers and animal stools for long periods of time.
  6. Avoid pasteurized foods.
  7. Stay away from raw meat and raw vegetables.
  8. Don’t make the bathroom very hot.

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