What is Ombre? How to make ombre hair step by step at home?

One of the most trending hairstyles of the season, ombre hair that all women are curious about has become one of the areas where hairdressers make the most money. Made only on the ends of the hair without fraying the bottom of the hair, the ombre creates a very nice look when done properly. So how to make ombre at home?

Ombre, which means shade in French, is a beauty application given to the technique of dyeing hair ends to lighter shades than the bottom of the hair. Ombre, whose name we heard frequently in the past season, is getting ready to mark the year 2020. While ombre gives shade to the hair, it allows the hair to gain shine thanks to natural transitions. Ombre, which creates a magnificent look and exhibits a natural stance when the right techniques are applied, must be done by experts if you want to get effective results. This method, which can be applied to both thick and thin hair strands, begins to lighten gradually in the hairstyle, in which the hair roots are left in their natural color or another colored shade. For this reason, the shade is seen to be much longer lasting, economical and effortless than the user straight hair dyes. Did you know that you can make shade hairstyle at home?



2 or 3 tons of light hair dye from your hair color
Paint brush and container
Aluminum foil



First, prepare the paint and set it aside. Then comb the part of your hair you want to ombre with a comb. This place should start at least 20 cm below your scalp.

Then apply the dye to your combed hair and cover with foil.

If your hair is light color, it will be enough to wait for 25-35 minutes, and dark color for 35-40 minutes.

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