What is permanent makeup? How long does permanent makeup stay? How to remove permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup, one of the most popular beauty applications of today, is a method preferred by those who complain about the sparse of their eyebrows, and are satisfied with what they do. Nowadays, we have put permanent make-up under the lens, which can be applied to the lips, eyelash, skin and other parts of your body.

Permanent makeup, also known as “Micro Pigment application”, is the name given to injecting herbal ingredients by using sterile needles in certain areas according to the wishes of people. Permanent makeup, the popularity of which has increased in recent years, is definitely made using products with herbal ingredients. Permanent makeup, which is very reliable in terms of health, does not create an allergic reaction, since it is plant-based. These products, specially designed for the face area, are mixed with the tattoo process. However, the tattoo has settled in the memories with its permanence. Permanent make-up disappears gradually from time to time. This permanent makeup, which is usually applied on eyebrows, can now be applied to the lips, eyes and many other areas.


Permanent makeup, which should be paid attention in a very hygienic environment, is applied by applying dyes that are completely organic under the skin with micro needles. This method, which every woman is excited about when she hears it, will make your daily life easier. Especially, permanent makeup, which provides equalizing and smooth appearance of the skin tone, is applied to the upper layer of the skin.


This method, which changes the permanence of the person according to the skin’s elasticity, moisture content, age and other environmental factors after its application, shows its effect for at least 2 and at most 5 years. If you want to stay longer, you should go to the routine procedures on the dates determined by the expert esthetician.



Permanent make-up removal is done by injecting medication with the tattoo method on the area to be treated. The purpose of this procedure is to remove the permanent make-up under the drug from the skin. Permanent make-up removal with this method is not known to cause shedding on your skin and hair, and it is known as the healthiest method.


Permanent make-up removal is applied to the area after a week, throws a dice-shaped crust. Do not be afraid of this situation because it means that it is wiped on your permanent makeup on the lower layer of the skin. Thanks to this process, you will get rid of permanent makeup completely.

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