What is Powder, What Does It Do, How to Apply, What Are Powder Types?

Powder is among the essentials of make-up for most people. In this article, we will give you information about what powder is, what is it for, how to apply it, what are the types of powder and how to apply powder:

What is powder?

Powder is a fragrant powder makeup product that is applied to the face to make the skin look smooth, hide wrinkles and skin imperfections, mattify the skin, and fix make-up on the face.

What is powder good for?

Professional Makeup Trainer Jülide Sökmenoğlu reports that the powder is used to fix and matte make-up and continues her words as follows: (The powder creates a smooth skin on the area where it is applied, gets the shine, helps make-up last for a long time.

Powder increases the permanence of moisturizer, concealer and foundation applied to the skin. When you use powder, you don’t have to constantly refresh your make-up. If your skin type is oily, you can prevent the skin from looking shiny by using powder.

How to use powder?

First of all, we should start by purchasing a powder that is close to our skin. If the powder is to be applied to the skin alone, first apply a moisturizer to the skin and moisturize the skin. However, if the powder is to be applied on the foundation, care should be taken to apply the powder extremely lightly.

How to apply powder powder?

Powder powder is applied to the skin with a sponge. If powder is to be used after the foundation is applied, it is applied to the whole face and neck area, first to the cheeks and T area.

How to apply compact powder?

Compact powder can be applied with a powder brush. For this, the powder brush is dipped into the compact brush, and the brush is shaken to remove the excess on the brush. Then, with very fast movements, the process of distributing the foundation is applied to the right, left, up and down on your face.

What are the powder types?

Professional Make-up Trainer Jülide Sökmenoğlu gives the following information: (Today, two types of powder are on sale in the cosmetics market; powder powder and compact powder (compressed powder). Powder powders are like talcum powder. Compressed powders are more intense and solid. can be used.

Compressed powders are more concealing, can be used instead of foundation, have a very wide color scale, compressed or baked under pressure. Powder powders, on the other hand, are cosmetic products that are mostly used to fix skin make-up and are lighter than anti-glare and compressed powders.)

Tips for applying powder

  1. You can apply the powder to the forehead area of ​​your face and determine the right powder color for you. If you find it difficult to choose a powder suitable for your skin color, transparent powder may be a good alternative for you.
  2. If you have dry skin, first apply moisturizer to your skin and then apply your powder in order not to have problems with homogeneous distribution of the powder and to prevent the appearance of lumps on the skin.
  3. Those with oily skin can easily use compact powder.

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