What is ringworm (alopecia areata), what are the symptoms and treatment?

What is ringworm, what are its symptoms and treatment process

Usually child and in young people ringworm seen in medical language “Alopecia areata” It is called. The cause of ringworm, which is a skin and hair disease is mushroom. It is the size of a coin and in a round shape, and it is a hair loss. In some types of ringworm if left untreated eyebrows, eyelashes. beard and body hair can pour all of them. Ringworm male and female It is divided into two.

The female It is the type that can quickly spread all over the hair and be permanent. Male ringworm the spreading speed and area is less than female ringworm. Ringworm usually in children and in adolescence the reason for the occurrence the immune system It is not as strong as adults. Ringworm that is not a contagious disease, if it is a family disease genetic more likely to be seen as.

Ringworm Causes and Symptoms

What is Ringworm

Among the main causes of ringworm insufficiency of the immune system is coming. Weak immune system increases the risk of ringworm. Same time stress and genes are among the factors that affect the formation of ringworm. Genes also show up in ringworm. People with ringworm in their family are more likely to encounter ringworm. Same time goiter and anemia that increases the formation of ringworm are among the reasons. At first small bubble and the appearance of acne happens. Later, in the bubble-shaped part, hair, hair, and hair are shed in a round shape. Even if there is a temporary shedding permanent if left untreated can be. Rarely at the onset of ringworm itching and yellow spotting is also seen.

Ringworm Treatment


Hair breaker ache and it is not an ailment that causes various health problems. Psychological Although it affects health, it does not have various side effects in terms of health. The drugs used in the treatment of ringworm are not aimed at eliminating the problem completely, but for the regrowth of the hair. Even though the shed hair turns out to be white in some people, it turns into its own color later. In the treatment process, the priority is to eliminate the fungus that causes ringworm with various fungicides. Griseofulvin The drug called is one of the most commonly used drugs in the treatment of ringworm. Also for ringworm cortisone needle treatment is also used frequently. However, it is important to apply to a specialist for ringworm treatment and to apply a treatment in his / her approval, as it is in every ailment.

In the treatment of the disease many different alternative methods used. But the results of these treatments are variable. The use of some lotions causes hair to grow in some people. For this purpose cortisone drugs or minoxidil and an irritating agent dithranol can be used. Immunotherapy in the so-called treatment allergic reaction at a low concentration a substance that could create a spill is applied to the area and a allergic contact dermatitis is provided. For this purpose often diphenylcyclopropenone (diphencyprone) used. Unfortunately, this treatment is irritating and uncomfortable, often causing enlarged lymph nodes. In the case of widespread hair loss, there is no reliable treatment method. Pills containing cortisone, PUVA a we call light therapy applicable. However, these treatments have some side effects.

Herbal treatment methods used in the treatment of ringworm Although it does not give results as fast as drug therapy, it is frequently preferred.

Can All Hair Fall Out?

Patients affected by ringworm It has been observed that approximately 5% of all hair can be shed. In less than 1% of patients with ringworm, it has been observed that all of the hair on their body is shed.

Garlic Treatment For Ringworm



  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • Salt
  • Alcohol
  • Towel


  • Add salt and crush the garlic in the mortar.
  • Add 1-2 drops of alcohol to the garlic.
  • Wipe the area with ringworm thoroughly with a clean towel until it turns red.
  • Apply the garlic mixture to the area with ringworm.
  • Do the application 1 day a week.
  • You will get results after 3 weeks.

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The written and visual content in our content is a suggestion and information letter that has been compiled from different sources. It is not a definitive diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your doctor in case of any health problem. Do not forget that the treatment methods applied in health problems may vary depending on the biology, hereditary characteristics of the individuals, age, height, weight differences, allergic aspects and dozens of different conditions. Only your doctor can assist you in the treatment of your health problems.

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