What is Roaccutane? How to use? How does Roaccutane side effects pass?

Those who complain about acne that do not pass on their skin generally complain of not being able to get a completely smooth skin if they try all kinds of methods due to adolescence or for different reasons. We have answered all of the curious questions about Roaccutane, which is said to have completely eliminated all these acne and acne at the same time. What is Roaccutane? How to use? How does Roaccutane side effects disappear? Does Roaccutane kill? What should those who use Roaccutane pay attention to? Here are the answers to all these questions in our article.

Roaccutane; It is a drug used in the treatment of severe acne and contains a large amount of Isotretinoin. This drug, which suppresses and virtually stops the skin’s fat activity, is synthesized in the liver and contains high vitamin A, is prescribed by specialists for young people who have reached puberty after 12 years of age, and those who experience difficulties in terms of destruction and aesthetic appearance after this age. The Roaccutane drug, which eliminates the spread of pain and fever with acne especially with those who are in trouble and start to leave a mark, is sold only in pharmacies in the form of 30 soft gelatin capsules in the form of 10 capsule duplex (PVC / PVDC) blisters.



Before Roaccutane is prescribed, a series of blood tests and especially liver enzymes should be checked. One of the stages of using this drug is whether it will show sensitivity or side effects to the drug by taking a low dose when it is first used. People who are below 70 kilograms and under this weight are given a dose of 35 mg. People who use the drug should never consume it on an empty stomach. Roaccutane, exactly one month after use, the tests are made again and compared with the first blood tests. As a result of this test, high cholesterol measurements are frequently mentioned. If there is no abnormality in your analysis results, you can see that your pimples decrease over time. The treatment process with Roaccutane can take about 6 months. In this process, the dosage of the drug can be increased or decreased. In order to use it for another period of time, the time prescribed by the doctor should be waited.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your doctor recommended this medicine to you, you should definitely be careful to use it in your dosage. This drug is absolutely not suitable for pregnant women. It should never be used without the advice of a specialist.



One of the most important points of people who start using Roaccutane is the side effects of the drug. This drug, which has extraordinary side effects, also affects the people who will use it. Especially “According to the latest research conducted by the Medicines and Health Products Regulatory Authority in the UK, there were 20 deaths related to Roaccutane used in the country in 2 years.” worried that they would receive the treatment after the announcement. For this reason, you should definitely use medication under the control of specialist physicians, and make frequent analyzes. The known side effects of Roaccutane sold by prescription are as follows;


In some patients, they had the thought (suicidal thoughts) of harming themselves or ending their lives, they tried to end their lives (suicide attempt) or they ended their lives. These patients may not seem to be depressed.

Allergic reactions such as rash and itching may occur.

Excessive sweating, itching, tenderness in the skin, swelling, flowing, discharge, headache, body hair can be visibly increased.

Inflammations in the upper respiratory tract, burning in the throat, mild nosebleeds, nausea and vomiting may occur.

Pain in the gums, bleeding, tenderness, mouth sores that may not pass.

Continuous sleeplessness and feeling tired, spontaneous, hand, face, and standing lace-like redness, muscle contraction, weakness, drowsiness are among the side effects.

The biggest yacht effects of this drug; Mental disorder: loss of connection with reality, such as hearing voices or seeing things that do not actually exist.

There may be shedding, dullness and dull appearance on the hair and eyebrows.



People who use Roaccutane must first be very patient and careful to use the dose given by their doctor.

Before using this drug, which is very dangerous for babies in the womb, you should make sure that you are not pregnant. Otherwise, you may lose your baby.

Due to the sensitivity of the skin when using this medicine, it can cause permanent marks on the skin after waxing, care or any impact.

Roaccutane can affect your central nervous system. Headaches and fatigue are some of the possible side effects. It can cause dry eyes and vision problems may occur in the dark. Some people may have tinnitus and hearing loss. In some cases, hearing loss may also be permanent.



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