What is RSV Virus, How should Babies be Protected?

The meaning of the RSV virus and ways of protecting babies from RSV virus are very important for the current and future health of the baby.

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  • What Is RSV Virus?
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus Symptoms
  • How should babies be protected from RVS virus?
  • What To Do For Premature Babies RSV Virus?
  • How Old Are Children Captured With RSV Virus?

What is RSV Virus?

The meaning of the word RSV is the Respiratory Syncytial Virus. Although this virus is dangerous at all ages, the most dangerous age groups are childhood and old age.

When this virus is caught, its treatment should be started immediately, otherwise lung diseases may begin. RSV occurs in most children. For children 0-2 years old RSV at least once is visible. This RSV is occasionally manifested in later ages. RSV causes lower respiratory infections in children. If your child was born prematurely, you should be cautious about the RSV virus.

Respiratory Syncytial Virus Symptoms

The RSV (Respiratory Syncytial) virus is transmitted from humans. It is a common infectious virus in winter and spring. Especially newborn babies affects. Here are the symptoms of RSV;

  • Influenza
  • Restlessness
  • Irregularity in Breathing
  • to Nutrition
  • Flu
  • Excessive Breathing
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How should babies be protected from RVS Virus?

Since your child is born prematurely, the immune system may not be developed much. Therefore, the resistance to RSV virus will be less. RSV can cause lung diseases, bronchitis, pneumonia and heart diseases. It is useful to browse for rsv virus information in Premature babies, which is our forum topic.


RSV can reach life threatening dimensions especially for newborns and premature babies. In babies who have not yet developed immune responses or who are at risk, such as congenital heart disease, they quickly descend into the lungs and get bronchitis or pneumonia leads. Some of the babies hospitalized with symptoms such as respiratory distress, oxygen deficiency and malnutrition need respiratory support with the device. Unfortunately, sometimes it can result in death, since there is no cure for it. Infants whose treatment has been completed also have a high risk of developing recurrent and chronic lung disease in the future.

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Methods to protect babies from RSV virus are listed below.

  • Parents should wash their hands regularly, especially before touching the child.
  • Do not put your baby in crowded places. Don’t even put this place home. If you have to tuck in, try to tuck in as little as possible.
  • Ventilate the room where the baby is located frequently.
  • Try not to contact people with an infectious disease. The disease can be transmitted even if you shake hands. Therefore, constantly wash your hands. You can also catch this virus in a public transport area.
  • your baby don’t kiss often or don’t kiss others.
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What To Do For Premature Babies RSV Virus?

If your baby is born prematurely, before the normal delivery period, the chances of catching the RSV virus are very high and the chance of surviving this virus is very low. Because his immunity may be weak. In this respect, RSV vaccine

Since there is no , you can protect your baby from RSV virus with antibodies that contain antibodies.

How Old Are Children Captured With RSV Virus?

Ages of children getting RSV virus is between the ages of 0-2. More than 90% of children in the world get the RSV virus at least once during the age of 0-2.

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