What is scabies? How to understand scabies? What are the symptoms of scabies? How is scabies treated?

Ministry of Health issued a warning from official accounts that citizens should be careful against scabies symptoms. When this is the case, people who have heard of scabies, have entered the research, “What is scabies, what are the symptoms of scabies, how is the treatment of scabies”? In today’s article, we learned from the experts the answers to all these questions you wondered.

Scabies disease is that the scabies wrap around the human skin or body. The scabies that penetrate the upper layer of the skin and lay their eggs begin to show their symptoms in a very short time. Among the most prominent features of scabies disease (Skabies) is the opposite and skin rash. It is possible to see scabies, which is confused with eczema at first, more common in the winter months. The Ministry of Health’s last statement is that citizens who encounter any of the symptoms of scabies should go to the health institution without losing time. People who use public transportation should pay attention to scabies, where people can meet from person to person. Scabies, which is a parasitic disease, is more common in winter in public areas.



Scabies mite opens tunnels on the skin, leaving about 10-15 eggs. Immediately after that, especially at night, itching and acne-like blisters on the skin. Itching and rashes can each affect most of the body or may be limited to areas such as the wrist, elbow, armpit, fingers, nipple, penis, waist.

It can be placed on the head, face, neck, palms and soles of the children between 5 and 10 years old or in infants. The rash can also contain small bubbles (vesicles) and flakes. Scratching these areas can cause skin scars, and sometimes these scars are infected by bacteria. So it can be confused with problems like eczema.



Men and women can be seen in both sexes and in all age groups, in all ethnic groups, at all socio-economic levels. It is more likely to be seen in crowded places such as nursing homes and dormitories. The body defense mechanism may show a slow course in people who are not good.

If you are wondering how to infect scabies; The disease is usually spread by direct and prolonged close contact with someone with scabies. Usually, scab is not transmitted by clasping or short-term hug. The disease spreads easily between spouses and family members. People, who have been diagnosed with scabies, should never use their clothes, towels and bed linen or even buckles.



If you have not had any infectious diseases before, you should definitely consult a specialist. Apart from that, getting rid of scabies is extremely simple. It is possible to spend scabies that can be treated in about 10 days, even 8-10 hours depending on the person, with home methods. However, you should definitely learn a treatment method from a specialist. Cream is one of the most commonly used methods by specialist doctors. Before going to bed, you can apply the scabies sold in pharmacies to the entire body, not to the areas where the parasite is located. It is useful to apply the cream to your dry body. Thanks to the cream that penetrates your body until the morning, you can get rid of parasites. When you wake up, you should wash it to remove the cream and dead parasites from the body. If the disease does not heal at the end of this method, which is continued for 10 days, you can continue treatment.

Linden (tilia) Method; This method, which is little known among the people, is used in cases where there is an allergic reaction to the active ingredient in the creams or the creams do not get positive results. Linden solution is applied to the whole body as in cream treatment and kept in the body for 8-10 hours. You can continue applying the lotion until the parasites disappear.

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