What is Scrub? How is Scrub Made?

People who hear this word for the first time can perceive it as a game. However, Scrub is not a game contrary to what you might expect. As word meaning care for the skinIt refers to. It is known as a method applied to eliminate problems such as ingrown hair, cellulite, ingrown, cracked and dead skin. This process should usually be applied in the bathroom where people enter to clean. By doing this, it will help your skin to purify itself and get rid of dead skin. This process has become very popular especially in recent years. Your body too Scrub You can renew your skin by applying.

What is Scrup and How is it Made?

You can apply it to many different parts of our body Scrub types has. This distinction is important according to the details to be applied to the regions and to be received in return. Therefore, careful action is required. It is important to use natural products when doing this process because it is natural products that make this process successful.

Scrub Types

Foot Scrubs; In addition to our feet carrying all the burden of our body, they also have to deal with many bad diseases. Foot scrubs can be applied to support it, especially to combat how it occurs. Thanks to this process, the dead skins on our feet will be removed. In addition, you will have the chance to apply fragrant natural materials that you will use during the application.

Face Scrubs; It is the Scrub process that needs the most attention to its application. Therefore, it is important to act carefully. You can choose one of the many scrubs to apply this process to your face. You should know that this will help it maintain a vibrant, healthy and bright appearance.

Body scrubs; The materials prepared for foot and face scrubs attract attention with their thinner and deeper structure. However, thicker scrubs should be preferred for the procedures for our body skin. Because our body skin is less sensitive than our facial skin. If you are using an epilator to remove bad hair in your body, before that body scrub We strongly recommend that you use the process. Thanks to this process, the dead skin in your body is removed and it will also help the body gain moisture.

You can make these scrubs yourself, or if you want, you can go to a cosmetic store and choose the product that will meet your needs from the large number of scrubs at affordable prices. After your choice, it is entirely up to you to do the application correctly.

How to Apply Scrubs

We have tried to explain everything clearly about the details the scrub process will provide for you. Now let’s get to how this process will be implemented. If you do not apply as required, you may have trouble getting the efficiency you want. Therefore, it is very important that you act carefully and carefully. Let’s answer the question of how scrub should be applied by writing in order.

First, you need to wet the area on your body where the scrub will be applied. Take the required amount according to the area where you will apply your scrub. For example, scrub like hazelnuts will be enough for your face. Apply the scrub on your face as if you were massaging. Continue this process until you are sure that all the particles in the scrub are melted. Finally, rinse the treated area with plenty of water. That’s all you have to do.

How Do I Make My Own Scrub?

Using natural materials in your home scrub If you are one of those who want it, do not worry, we will give you the scrub ingredients and recipes we can make at home.

1 Lemon
Olive oil and coconut oil 2 tablespoons each
1 jar will be small size
As a handful of dry lavender
English salt, three quarters of a tea glass to be full
And lavender oil on request

For its preparation, the juice of the lemon must first be squeezed well and mixed well with other ingredients. After this process, your homemade scrub is ready. Limiting its use once a week will be enough for you to perform the necessary maintenance.

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