What is Stilex cream used for? How to use Stilex cream? Stilex cream

Stilex cream, which is recommended from the pharmacy to remove the itching and redness after insect, mosquito bites, actually has many more benefits. If you want a detailed information about this cream, which is sold only in pharmacies, you can find all the details in our news.

The active ingredient of Stilex cream sold only in pharmacies in 30 gram aluminum tubes Mepiramin Maleate, Lidocaine hydrochloride, Dexpanthenol, respectively. This cream, which removes inflammation, allergies and itching when applied to the skin, provides healing in a short time in the applied area. This gel, which should not be applied on cut, swollen or damaged skin, should not be used in children under 2 years of age without consulting a doctor. Stilex is recommended for use on a doctor’s prescription gel that is the original manufacturer of the Swiss company Vifor, while Turkey is the production by Abdi Ibrahim Pharmaceutical Industry. It can be used for the treatment of sun burns on the skin, rash, urticaria and other skin problems called hives, in the reduction and complete removal of pain on the skin, during the healing of bee stings.


Auxiliary ingredients of this drug are carbopol 940, polysorbate (E433), triethanolamine, complexone 3, oleum odania as a fragrance, benzalkonium chloride as a preservative.


You should use this cream just as your doctor prescribed it. Otherwise, make sure that the area you will apply the drug to is clean. Apply a thin layer to the area to be treated with your fingertip. Lightly rub. It can be applied several times during the day. It should not be applied for more than 7 days.



Stilex cream, which can not be sold on the Internet outside the pharmacy, 15. 79 TRY d.


Common but not severe rash and itching, high fever, vomiting, palpitations. Slight redness and itching, loss of appetite, weakness, fatigue. If you notice any of these symptoms, tell your doctor right away. . .

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