What is sulfate-free shampoo? Best sulfate-free shampoo tips

Sulfate-free shampoos, which have turned the cosmetics industry upside down as well as breaking sales records, have become especially popular with dyed hair. You can find the answer to all your questions about sulfate-free shampoo that you should definitely use to have healthier, beautiful and attractive looking hair.

Sulfate-free shampoo, besides the shampoos we know, is a care product that does not foam when applied and leaves a softer feel compared to other shampoos. Sulfate, which is not included in any of the baby shampoos; When it comes in contact with the scalp, it irritates the skin, causing the irritation of the scalp to bring different problems. Although we like the foaming feature of the sulphate, which causes the color of the dyed hair to deteriorate, lighten and lose its vibrant color in a shorter period of time, we actually damage our hair unknowingly by using sulfate shampoos. Sulfate-free shampoos, which stand out with their soft texture and are better quality compared to other cheap shampoos, protect our hair against external factors by nourishing our hair. These shampoos, which also have a completely organic component, moisturize, nourish and strengthen our hair.



Sulfate-free shampoo containing a substance usually obtained from coconut; Unlike sulphated shampoos, it treats our hair more gently and softly. This shampoo, which does not have chemical content and has a completely herbal and organic content, not only cleans our hair gently, but also preserves the natural structure of our hair. Due to their soft formulas, they are not hard, so they can break, tear, wear, dry and so on. it also minimizes hair problems.

At the same time, these shampoos that are easily removed from the hair; By giving the hair a soft texture, it allows the hair to be comfortably combed. For this reason, people who complain about their hair that needs dry, worn and extra care must definitely use sulfate-free shampoo.


Yves Rocher Anti-Foaming Shampoo 200ml. Price / 54.90 TL


The majority of Yves Rocher products, which contain completely herbal cleaning agents, do not contain chemicals such as sulfate and paraben that damage hair. Especially organic white lupine etc. Yves Rocher Low shampoo using rich protein extracts from plant seeds; It stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp, nourishes the hair and supports the growth of healthy hair follicles. Yves Rocher products containing abundant protein; By loading keratin on the hair, it mediates the appearance of the hair stronger, lively and voluminous.

Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Sulfate Free / 68.90 TL


There is no sulfate in any of the products of this series, which is offered by Schwarzkopf, one of the most popular hair care brands in the world.

-Organix Biotin Collagen Full Plumper and Extender Shampoo / 41.90 TL


This product of OGX, an organic hair care brand that you can obtain from Gratis stores; it does not contain any chemicals that can damage the hair, including sulfate. Thanks to the coconut aroma it contains, it nourishes, moisturizes and repairs the hair. This product that adds volume and fullness to the hair; it also supports the formation of new stem cells by showing collagen effect on the hair. It helps regrowth of the cells in the scalp and helps hair grow faster and bushier.

Loreal Elseve Sulfate-Free Shampoo Series / 33.95 TL


One of Loreal’s latest miracles, Loreal Elseve 3 in one, the cream shampoo series does not wear and dry the hair in any way thanks to its sulphate-free ingredients.

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