What is Teff Seed Tea? What are the Benefits and Losses?

It is one of the most remarkable teas of recent times. Curiosities increased even more with Hollywood stars using this tea.

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  • What is Teff Seed?
  • Who Can Use Teff Seed? How is it consumed?
  • Teff Seed Tea Benefits
  • What Are Teff Seed Tea Harms?
  • How to Use Teff Seed Tea?

What is Teff Seed?

What is Teff seed? can be answered as an alternative nutritious cereal. It has high protein and antioxidant properties. In this respect, it is a plant that gives energy source and a feeling of satiety. Teff seeds are among the grain groups. It is considered to be more nutritious and healthier than the quinoa plant by the world. In this way, it has reached a lot of consumers.

Who Can Use Teff Seed? How is it consumed?

Teff plant is used especially by diabetics. Thanks to its high nutritional content, it also provides protection from diseases such as cancer.

Teff plant can be used in bread making as well as tea. Again, all recipes using the once quite quinoa plant can be used for the teff plant.


Teff Seed Tea Benefits

Teff seed tea helping to lose weight is also beneficial for a healthy life. It ensures rapid edema removal. And it is effective in eliminating excess fat in the body. Teff tea especially strengthens amino acids thanks to its intense protein content. As it has dense fiber, it also speeds up bowel movements. It is also very effective in terms of bone health. For people who do not like to consume milk and dairy products, teff tea can be an alternative.

What Are Teff Seed Tea Harms?

Teff seed tea harm may occur as a result of excessive consumption. Overuse of every plant can be harmful. Especially for teff tea in pregnancy and during breastfeeding should not be used without consulting a doctor.

How to Use Teff Seed Tea?

Teff is a cereal product that is also used as herbal tea. You can use teff seeds by brewing them in boiling water. Or you can mix it with yogurt and consume it. Do not use without consulting your doctor!

Important: Since it contains poison in Teff, its sale was removed by the Ministry of Health.

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