What is the 3-day rule in toilet training? When is toilet training given, at what age does it start?

Parents looking for a way to save their child from the diaper, Pedagogue Dr. Adem Güneş can apply the three-day rule in toilet training. So, what’s the three-day rule in the toilet? What should be considered when giving toilet training to children? How is pee training given to children? When should toilet training begin? How old does toilet training begin? Here’s the answer. . .

Although it is thought that the most suitable interval for toilet training that mothers of today take to diaper in their babies is generally around 18 months old, this is not the case for every child. In the toilet training process, which is an important step for the child to declare his own autonomy, both physiological and mental preparations are important. In addition to being an important signal in starting toilet training, the ability of the child to hold the toilet is also an important sign in toilet training. If these features started to develop slowly in the child, they can now leave the diaper and get used to toilet training. The most effective way to realize that a child should use potty to make his toilet is to realize that the child is making his / her toilet from time to time. After seeing this symptom, parents can switch to three days rule and start toilet training. According to Pedagogue Adem Güneş We tried to compile the 3 days rule in toilet training and at what ages toilet training can be started.



1. DAY:

On the first day of these three days, which is a kind of trial rule, leaky cloth should be preferred. the Children mesi feeling uncomfortable due to wetness and looking for a remedy ‘, the better quality and leak-proof cloth used in the training it started, the later the child will learn to go to the toilet.


2. DAY:

On the second day, no diapers should be tied under the child. As you parent, “If you want, I will not tie a diaper anymore” you can offer. Wear only panties and trousers without a diaper. The child will feel the discomfort caused by wetness when he makes the toilet under the toilet and will be looking for a solution.


3. DAY:

He will realize the solutions for his problems. He didn’t realize, but he helped him realize “You’re annoyed, right? If you want, you can do it in the toilet when your pee comes. Let’s go together”

You can say .



At the very beginning of toilet training, after taking your child in front of you and giving him the necessary preparation, you can now be drawn to the background by making sentences like you can make your own toilet by yourself. The only message you will give here is to know that you will be with it no matter what. So your child ‘I am with you, just call me when you need it’

It is important that you give the message . You can remind your child about the toilet time by determining the toilet times. Make a note of their hours on a chart of how often they go to the toilet.



The process of accustoming the child to the toilet can be a difficult transition period for some parents. Inexperienced mothers and fathers are especially worried because they do not know what to do about this. The right age for toilet training is when the child feels ready. Experts say that the optimal age range for toilet training is 2 or later.

Forcing children to go to the bathroom before the age of 2 is a very wrong behavior. At the age of 2, the toilet habit can be gained by providing day control at daytime and 3.5-4 years of age. If the child is not 2 years old, he cannot feel that the toilet is coming and cannot hold the toilet because the muscle control is not developed.

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