What is the method of filling eyebrows with the hair technique? Microblading method

We answered the curious questions about ‘Microblading 3D Hair Technique’, which is one of the most trendy makeup applications of recent times and fills the gaps in the eyebrows and makes it look flawless. What is Microblading 3D Hair Technique? Does Microblading 3D Hair Technique harm the skin? What is the price of Microblading 3D Hair Technique? Does eyebrow filling with hair technique create a natural look? The answer to the questions is in our article.

Kas is a structure that reveals facial expression and facial expressions. You can change the colors and rarity of the person, thanks to the developing technology. Eyebrow filling techniques, which are especially popular in recent years and create a natural look on the face, will not affect the facial expressions of the person. Eyebrow filling method called bristle technique comes into play here. This method, called microblading 3D bristle technique, is different from the tattoo, instead of painting inside the eyebrow area, it draws individual lines on your eyebrow region with a special microblading pen and gives a real eyebrow look.


When you decide to have this application, you can look at the certificates, licenses and previous works of the person you want to have. Experienced people answer all the questions you ask and tell you the whole process from start to finish. It is also very important that the place to be microblading is clean and sterile. It is not necessary to hurry for the microblading process and it cannot end in an hour or so.

Microblading 3D bristle technique, s is made to make the saddle or spilled eyebrows look smoother. It is applied by choosing a suitable color for the skin color and hair color without spoiling the natural appearance of the eyebrows.


The most important detail in Microblading 3D bristle technique, which is said to be permanent for up to 3 years, is to make it without spoiling the naturalness of the face and eyebrow shape. Experts, ensures that it is shaped with a pencil or headlight before applying it to the eyebrow. This is the longest and most important part. In this way, it is ensured that the eyebrow is in a natural form. The eyebrow shape is available in six different sizes.

After determining the shape of the eyebrow, it is numbed with an anesthetic cream and tiny scratches are applied to the painlessly empty eyebrows. Before you do this method, get information from the people who have been applied before. Because it is very difficult to return when wrong operation is done.


Hygiene is very important in eyebrow contour application. Make sure that the apparatus used is disposable.

The best part of the process is that there is no bad image immediately after the procedure. Your new eyebrows will be ready to take a selfie as soon as the process is out. Eyebrow recovery time varies from person to person, but it will recover in an average of 25 to 30 days. After 1 month, 40 minutes of correction will be made for the disliked and empty places in the eyebrows. After the procedure, you should not apply makeup and skin care products that you use in your daily life for a minimum of 10 days.

Some people retouch their eyebrows every 30 days. However, with only one treatment and a touch-up application, it provides permanence for 8 to 18 months. As we wrote above, while its permanence increases in dry skin, it also has a shorter life in oily skin. The price range of the transaction is between 1000-1500 TL.

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