What is the Omelet Calorie Value, How Many Calories Does Omelet Have?

Omelet is a healthy meal that is frequently consumed at breakfast and is very popular. Omelet, which is also very simple to make, is very satisfying and useful. The main ingredient of the omelet is eggs, but it can be enriched with many ingredients available at home. It is possible to make an omelet either with plain eggs or by adding various ingredients such as sausage, cheddar, potatoes, onions, spinach and oats.

How Many Calories Are in an Omelet?

  • Dietitian Tugce Sert 1 serving (55 grams) of omelette It reports 101 calories.
  • 1 medium serving (110 grams) plain 2 egg omelette There are 202 calories.
  • 1 medium serving curd cheese omelet 222 calories
  • 1 medium serving omelet with cheddar is 240 calories
  • 1 medium serving sausageomelet is 242 calories
  • 1 medium serving onion omelet 197 calories
  • 1 medium serving spinach omelet is 147 calories
  • 1 medium serving mushroom omelet is 135 calories
  • 1 medium serving oatomelet It is 209 calories.
  • 1 medium serving potato omelet 250 calories

What are the Health Benefits of Omelet?

The main ingredient of the omelet is eggs. Eggs contain many vitamins, minerals and protein. It is also a food rich in choline content. Choline, on the other hand, is an excellent nutrient necessary for brain health, strengthens the mind and protects against brain diseases.

Omelet is a complete source of protein. ProteinSince it cannot be produced by the body, it is a nutrient that must be taken into the body from outside. The abundant protein in the egg ensures the growth and development of the body. At the same time, protein; prevent anemia, muscle and bone supports its development. Omelet, which is a protein store, is a food that should be consumed by athletes, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

It is possible to add various vegetables in making omelets. One can prepare an omelet for himself with the ingredients he wishes. Green vegetables and eggs added to the omelet keep the person full for a long time. In addition, omelet made with green vegetables will provide satiety for a long time, and it also supports the weakening of the person.

Eggs used in making omelets contain plenty of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an important vitamin necessary for eye health and bone development. For this, we can say that among the benefits of omelet, it protects eye health and supports bone development.

Omelette contains plenty of B group vitamins. B group vitamins are the group of vitamins that are effective in the recovery of nervous system diseases. At the same time, B group vitamins in omelette also support hair growth.

What is the Nutritional Value of Omelet?

Nutritional values ​​of 100 grams of plain omelet;

Calories (kcal) 153

Saturated Fat 3.3 g

Total fat 12 g

Trans fat 0.7 g

Cholesterol 313mg

Potassium 117mg

Sodium 155mg

Carbs 0.6 g

Sugar 0.3 g

Dietary Fiber 0 g

Protein 11g

Calcium 48mg

Vitamin C 0mg

Vitamin D 69 IU

Iron 1.5 mg

Magnesium 11mg

Vitamin B6 0.1mg

Cobalamin 0.8 µg

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