What is the powder? What are the best powders for oily skin?

Powders, which is one of the products that women have used for make-up for many years, came to the agenda again. Standing out with their different formulations, powders are an indispensable part of the life of those with oily skin. So what is powder? What is the best powder? What powders should those with oily skin use? For those who are curious about the answer to these questions, we have discussed in our article.

Powder is a product that has been in women’s makeup bag for many years. Powder, which is generally used to make the skin look smooth, is very successful in hiding skin imperfections. Powdered powder in the powder form of the foundation is a material that matters the skin, fixes the makeup, and also increases the permanence of the makeup. The powder that professional makeup specialists use in every makeup is one of the key products of skin makeup. Powders, which are also used to prevent make-up from filling the lines that appear on the face of the older people and cause a bad appearance, are now on the shelves of cosmetic stores with a variety of varieties. Especially indispensable part of people with oily skin, powder is preferred because it shows more matte. If you want to make your makeup smooth, you should definitely use powder.


Powders are sold in different ways today. The most successful results among these powder types are powder powders. The powder, which leaves a more vivid result, is easier to apply to sensitive areas such as around the eyes thanks to its structure. This product, which you can easily apply Baking, will make your skin look smoother and younger.



– Clinique Anti- Blemish Powder / 129 TL

– Loreal True Match Powder / 38 TL

– Estee Lauder Double Wear Powder / 240 TLblank

– Flormar Deluxe Multi Effect Powder Powder / 30 TL

– Golden Rose 5 Powder / 18 TL

– Max Factor Cream Puff Powder / 34 TL

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