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What is the price of goose meat, where it is sold, what are the benefits?

What is the price of goose meat, where it is sold, what are the benefits?

Goose meat is a kind of meat that is very useful for rich health by various vitamins and minerals. Goat meat cooking methods are boiling, steaming and baking. The price of goose meat varies between 2 kg and 140-175 TL.

Where can I find the goose meat?

You can buy and buy goose meat at Google. Goose meat is also on the website of goose meat.

100 grams of goose flesh contains 25.16 grams of protein. The “Institute of Medicine” proteins must meet 10% to 35% of the daily calorie need over the age of 18 years. Daily protein requirement is 56 grams in men and 46 grams in women. As can be seen from these ratios , the protein found in 100 grams of goose meat contains more than half of the daily protein needs of women. Protein forms the building block of cells. Repair of damaged cells, the formation of new cell tissue, oxygen transports to the organs through the blood. Protein also enhances immunity, balances pH and is responsible for the transmission of nutrients.

Prof.Dr.Kenan Demirkol, in his article, reports that the disease is not caused by cholesterol, but by sugar.

Goose meat is a good source of riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, B1, B2, D, E, vitamin B-6, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and selenium.

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Goose meat is an aphrodisiac food, consumed in ancient times and in ancient times to take advantage of its aphrodisiac.

Warsaw newspaper, one of the leading newspapers in Russia, reported that vitamin E is found in geese. Some sources say that vitamin E is almost in the power of natural viagra.

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