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What is the Prolactin Height? Why Prolactin Hormone Rises?

What is the Prolactin Height? Why Prolactin Hormone Rises?

Prolactin is also known as milk hormone and is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. Prolactin is a condition that can be seen in both men and women. Prolactin is effective in lactating women breast milk, while in men is effective on sperm movement. Prolactin levels can be determined by an intravenous blood test. Prolactin level above normal is called prolactin height. In this article we will give information about the elevation, causes, symptoms and treatment of prolactin. The laboratory upper limit of prolactin is 29.9. Above this rate is considered to be the height of prolactin.

What are the normal prolactin values?

  1. Prolactin value in women is normally lower than 20 ng / ml (nanogram / milliletre) and in males is less than 15-16 ng / ml.
  2. In non-pregnant women: 2-29 ng / mL
  3. For pregnant women: 10-209 ng / mL (may take different values ​​in different periods of pregnancy)
  4. In males: 2-18 ng / mL (nanogram / milliliter)

What are the causes of prolactin height?

  1. Prolactinoma (a benign tumor in the pituitary gland. This type of tumor causes high levels of prolactin in the body. Hormone-secreting pituitary tumors are the most common.)
  2. Nutrients such as fenugreek, fennel seeds and meadow triangles, excessive consumption of teas made with these plants
  3. Stress
  4. Polystyrenic syndrome
  5. Side effects of drugs used
  6. Pituitary gland tumor
  7. Renal diseases
  8. Liver diseases
  9. Lung cancer
  10. Consuming high-protein meals, doing long-term or heavy exercise (causing temporary height)
  11. Erectile dysfunction in men
  12. Anorexia nervosa (a type of eating disorder)
  13. Galactor (production of breast milk without pregnancy)
  14. Diseases occurring in the hypothalamus
  15. Use of some drugs
  16. Infertility
  17. Pregnancy
  18. Overexcitation of breasts
  19. Blows on the chest wall
  20. Amenorrhea (Irregular menstruation or no menstruation)
  21. Continuous headaches and visual disturbances

Symptoms of prolactin elevation

  1. Breast milk outside of pregnancy and breastfeeding period
  2. No irregularities or no menstruation
  3. Infertility
  4. Loss of sexual desire
  5. Dryness in vagina
  6. Erectile Dysfunction
  7. Breast growth in men
  8. Decrease in body muscle mass and body hair in men

What causes prolactin elevation (milk hormone height)?

Prolactin elevation may cause insufficient progesterone production in the luteal period after ovulation, irregular ovulation and irregular menstruation, menstruation and various reproductive disorders such as galactorrhea (milk from woman or man, except breastfeeding and lactation). In men, prolactin elevation can lead to impotence and infertility.

How to reduce the height of prolactin?

If you suffer from prolactin, you should contact the doctor of the endocrinology department. The treatment of this condition varies according to the cause. The drug should be used under the control of endocrinologist and gynecologist and prolactin should be taken to normal level.

Use of drugs that lower the level of prolactin

Drugs such as bromocriptine, Parlodel and Cycloset and cabergoline reduce prolactin production. The high level of prolactin usually responds to the drug and is reduced by drug treatment. These drugs help the brain to produce dopamine to control high levels of prolactin. They may also narrow the prolactinoma tumors.

Surgical operation

If prolactin height is caused by a tumor in the pituitary gland, the doctor will remove the tumor by surgery.

Radiation Therapy

If medications and surgery do not reduce prolactin levels, your doctor will go to beam reduction with tumor therapy.

Expert recommendations for lowering prolactin levels

  1. Eat foods containing vitamin B6
  2. Since vitamin E can also reduce the level of prolactin, you can consult the doctor and drink vitamin E supplements.
  3. Stay away from stress
  4. Get your sleep well
  5. Feed on foods containing zinc, such as fish, meat and spinach

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