What is Tonic What is Tonic Good For How To Use It

What is Tonic What Does Tonic Do? How Is It Used?

A lotion containing skin cleansing chemicals is called a tonic. It is a product sold in cosmetics. The tonic, which is a skin lotion, purifies the skin with the substances it contains and removes the dirt in the pores. One of the most important conditions of skin health and beauty is to clean the skin deeply and make it a habit. Here, tonic is indispensable for effective skin care.

What is Tonic?

Tonics used to care for the skin; It cleans the dirty and oily skin due to environmental factors and removes make-up residues. In short, this special lotion is a disinfectant of the skin. Some tonics contain alcohol, while others do not. If you have oily skin type, you should use alcohol-containing tonics, and if your skin is dry, you should prefer alcohol-free tonics.

Benefits of Tonic for Skin

  1. Tonics are pore tightening. Pour a little tonic on a soft cotton ball and gently wipe your face with this cotton. Thus, your skin will be free of dirt and oil. On the other hand, this application accelerates the shrinkage and tightening of your pores in a short time.
  2. It regulates the PH level of the skin. The skin has an acidic structure. The PH value of the skin is usually between 5-6. However, depending on various factors, the PH level can change and this situation damages the skin. Tonics can be used to restore the pH balance. Because one of the features of tonics is that they recover the skin and return the PH balance to normal in a short time.
  3. Make-up materials and various chemical products and external factors cause clogged pores and lubrication of the skin. Tonics are cleansing oil and dirt on the skin.
  4. In addition, tonics prevent these external factors from negatively affecting skin health. For example, environmental factors such as chlorinated tap water and air pollution can be prevented by using tonic.
  5. Tonic is a product that moisturizes the skin. It helps the skin look well-groomed by giving moisture while purifying it.
  6. It refreshes the skin. It cleans the dirt and oil on the skin, adds shine, contributes to a dynamic and youthful appearance. Being an antiseptic care product, the tonic removes the dirt in the pores and refreshes the skin. It controls excessive oiliness.
  7. Since our face is exposed to environmental factors all day long, it can get dirty immediately. Sometimes, make-up removers are not enough to completely cleanse our face from these dirt. In addition to our routine care, we can wash our face and wet a piece of cotton with tonic and apply it to our skin. In this way, we remove foreign substances from our skin.. If we use tonic every day, our skin will not be damaged by external factors. Tonics have a detox effect on the skin. The tonic also increases the absorption of moisturizers and cosmetic products.

How To Use Tonic?

If we want to see the benefits of the tonic, we must use it without interruption. Let’s clean our face every morning and evening and wet the make-up removal cotton with tonic. Let’s apply it to our face with circular movements and feed it well. Then I apply moisturizer. If we continue to use it periodically, we will see its effect and witness how the tonic cleans and protects our skin.

Let’s wet a piece of cotton with tonic and apply it with circular movements all over our face, neck and chest. Then we can apply moisturizer or serum to our face. Tonics can be used at any time of the day. But if you have skin sensitivity and it is immediately irritated, it is not recommended to use it more than once a day.

How to Make Tonic at Home?

You can prepare your own tonic and use it to care for your skin. First, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to a bottle of mineral water. Mix it up and wet a cotton ball with it and apply it to your skin.

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