What is tretin cream, what does it do? How to use tretin cream? Reviews of tretin users

Tretin cream, which acts as a savior in skin spots and acne, is sold only in pharmacies. Today, we researched all the details about Tretin cream, which many people encounter as a result of their research on social media and the Internet. What is tretin cream, what does it do? What are the reviews of those who use tretin cream? You can review our article to find out.

Tretin cream, the active ingredient of which is Tretinoin, is a drug that helps skin regeneration by feeding skin cells and that vitamin A can be applied to the skin. Since it helps the regeneration of the cells of the epidermis, which is the top layer of the skin when applied to the skin, it suppresses excessive keratin formation and stimulates the skin’s repair mechanisms. You can use Tretin cream, which plays a big role in removing the spots by repairing the skin in a short time, by consulting your specialist. Tretin cream in the treatment of Acne vulgaris (acne), which is accompanied by comedones (black spots formed by the combination of oil under the skin and the layer of dirt), pustule (bubble filled with pus) and papules (small, well-defined bumps on the skin), and ichthyosis. (fish scale disease) and Hyperkeratosis (increased skin thickness). If you are allergic to the active ingredient in it, it can cause serious health problems. Therefore, you should get approval from your specialist.


This cream, sold in tubes of 30 grams, is white in color. It is a useful and effective drug offered by Assos İlaç company.


You should use it just as your doctor prescribed this medicine. Clean the area where we will apply the medicine. Gently apply a small amount of the medicine with the tip of your finger to the area of ​​the lesion. It should be applied once a day at night.

Although the effects such as exfoliation and slight burning on the skin after use are accepted as normal, it should never be exposed to the sun after applying Tretini.


Tretin Cream, which has benefits in treating blemishes, acne in the body, structuring the skin and preventing aging 45. 04 TL d.

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