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What is Upper Respiratory Tract Infection? The Symptoms And Treatment

What is Upper Respiratory Tract Infection? The Symptoms And Treatment

Upper respiratory tract infection is a disease caused by viruses and bacteria that may affect mouth, throat, nose and swallow. Upper respiratory tract infection is usually caused by viruses, and sometimes by bacteria or fungi. This is a contagious disease, but it is a health problem that we want to pass quickly so that people are feeling exhausted and restless, reducing the quality of life. Upper respiratory tract infections occur as a result or sign of many diseases such as nasal blockage, sore throat & swelling, tonsillary infections, pharyngitis, laryngitis, epiglottitis, tracheobronchitis, sinusitis.

Symptoms of Upper Respiratory Tract Infection

  1. Nasal discharge
  2. Sneezing & Coughing
  3. Eye watering
  4. Difficulty in swallowing
  5. Difficulty in breathing
  6. Light fever
  7. Headache
  8. Muscle and joint pain
  9. Fatigue & Fatigue
  10. Nausea

One or more of these symptoms can be seen at the same time. Infection can easily spread to others by sneezing or coughing. The weak immune system, dry climate and physical fatigue make you more resistant to the disease. In winter, we spend more time in indoor environments, but in winter we have the risk of developing upper respiratory tract infection. As much as we take precautions, this discomfort affects us sooner or later. In this article, we have put together simple and effective applications that will help us to get rid of upper respiratory tract infection. These are natural methods to help us get over the disease quickly. Here are the methods to get rid of the upper respiratory tract infection:

Professor Dr. Cure Recipe for Upper Respiratory Tract Infection from İbrahim Saraçoğlu

Boil a cup of chlorine-free water (you can also use pet bottled water from the market instead of chlorine-free water). After boiling, add a teaspoon of rosemary. Ten minutes after the mouth closed in the low heat brew.Leave it in minutes, then when you are poorly filtered.In the morning morning, lunch and dinner every day after a drink sip slowly sip . Every day has to prepare fresh for the taste. Do not add anything.This cure application is in the form of 30 days of 15 days application 3 days intermediate 15 days application.This cure can be repeated in later periods according to the course of the disease.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, Cold Cure Recipe from Suna Dumankaya, Ph.D.

Mix one cupcake, two allspice, two licorice roots, one cinnamon stick, one cinnamon pepper, five grams of ginger, five grams of zerdaçal, three grams of carnation and 15 grams of barberry sugar. All these ingredients for brewing tea. This special mixture is perfect for colds.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infection and Cold Cure Recipe from Suna Dumankaya (2nd Recipe)

Boil a half sliced ​​sliced ​​half sour apple in half a liter of water for 5 minutes every day. Bake this mixture like tea and to sweeten with honey. In addition, a piece of green apple divided in 4 pieces, a teaspoon of vinegar, a teaspoon of carnation, 2 pieces of galanges, 2 gin pepper and 1 piece of measles sugar in 3 liters of water, boil for 10 minutes. For 2 cups of this mixture in the day. It is perfect for flu and colds.

Professor Dr. Ibrahim Saracoglu Cure Recipe To Clean Inflammation In The Blood
Inflammation in the blood occurs in cold, flu or flu. White mulberry dry is one of the most effective substances to remove inflammation in the blood. White mulberry dry, blood CRP (Chemical Reactive Protein) is an excellent promoter to reduce the high. Half a liter of boiling chlorine-free water into a handful (5-6 tablespoons) white mulberry dried and continue to boil for six minutes on low-heat. When it is strained, half on an empty stomach in the morning, the other half on an empty stomach in the evening. Boiled berries do not have to be consumed. A total of 25 days is applied and should be prepared fresh each time. You can also use pet bottled water instead of chlorine-free water.

Steam Breathing

Breathing steam, caused by infection of the upper respiratory tract; nasal obstruction is a practical method that will help you to get rid of problems such as breathing difficulty, phlegm. Breathing steam also helps you overcome the disease more quickly. Pour 2-3 liters of water into a pot, such as a pot or basin. Add 5-6 drops of mint or eucalyptus oil. Breathe out the vapor coming out by covering a towel. Another method is to keep the water in the bathtub by clogging the drain while taking a shower and breathe out the vapor. Note: Steam inhalation is not recommended, as it may cause harm to young children, pregnant women and high blood pressure patients.


One of the simplest application methods is salt water; it kills viruses and bacteria in the nose, removes thickened mucus and sputum, but also opens up clogged noses, thus helping to quickly get rid of upper respiratory tract infection. Add 1 teaspoon of salt into a glass of water and stir until dissolved. Get a drop of this salt on your back with the help of a droplet drip your nostrils. Wash your nose with normal water after burning. If you don’t have a dropper, you can squeeze this water tightly into your nose. You should also rinse your mouth and gargle with your mouth. Repeat this application 4-5 times during the day.


Ginger will help to relieve the symptoms of the upper respiratory tract disease and also facilitate the passage of the disease. Ginger’s antiviral, antibacterial and expectorant properties in the throat and chest to reduce congestion by helping you quickly recover. It also enhances your overall body resistance by strengthening your immune system. For this; Add 1 tablespoon grated root ginger (or 1 teaspoon powder ginger) into a glass of warm water. Brew for 10 minutes, strain and for. Apply one week to 1 cup each in the morning. You can also chew the root ginger, or you can add it to your salads.


Garlic will help you get rid of bacteria and viruses by providing an antibiotic effect, as well as boosting your immune system. For this, 2-3 cups of garlic a day in a bowl of yogurt can be consumed by finely chopping. If you are uncomfortable with the smell; You can swallow with 1 glass of water by cutting 2-3 pieces of garlic into small pieces that you can swallow with the knife. A very effective formula is garlic; Add 2 chars of finely chopped garlic, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of red flakes (hot) pepper into a glass of warm water and stir. For slowly sipping this mixture. If you apply 2-3 times a day, you will soon see the infection.

Use Steam Machine

In the dry air are the triggers of the upper respiratory tract. You can buy a steam engine or leave a container of water over the heater to prevent the nose and sinus channels from drying out and causing infection.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup, which is one of our main food dishes, provides fast and lasting comfort in upper respiratory tract infections. Hot chicken soup is effective in removing the infection and thinning the sputum. It also helps in softening the irritated throat. If you add garlic or ginger to the soup, you will get a more effective soup. There is also an amino acid, called cysteine, which is converted into glutathione, a powerful antioxidant in chicken soup. Thanks to this amino acid, it strengthens your immune system and helps to pass the diseases.


Honey has been used as a food source for thousands of years and is also used as a medicine. While the high nutritional value strengthens the immunity, the antioxidants and enzymes in the throat ensure that the virus and bacteria in the throat are removed from the body. For 1 cup of warm water, half a lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of honey to add and slowly. If possible, choose organic honey produced in your area. You can take it as a medication, and you can eat market honey for breakfast. Note: The use of honey is not recommended for children under 2 years and diabetes.

Fluid Consumption

According to the season, orange, grapefruit, sour cherry juice is consuming plenty of disease provides easy to get through. It also improves the overall body health by boosting the edema and toxins in the body and strengthens your immune system.


The sun, which is the source of vitamin D, is also an energy source that makes you more psychologically and physically stronger. The best time for this is to stay in the morning sun for 15-20 minutes. It is not recommended to sunbathe in the strong sun as the burning sun may cause different problems.

Expert recommendations to get rid of the upper respiratory tract infection

  1. Nettle tea, dandelion tea, green tea, such as consuming drinks are effective in solving the problem easily
  2. Ventilate your workplace and home frequently.
  3. Tighten a few drops of lemon for 8-10 glasses of water per day and into each cup.
  4. Eat plenty of dark green leafy vegetables.
  5. Do not drink alcohol, caffeine or coffee, tea, coke or cigarettes.
  6. Give weight to foods rich in vitamin C.

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