What is vaginal adhesion in babies? (Labial Fusion) symptoms and treatment of vaginal adhesions

Vaginal adhesion, which is encountered in female babies and adolescents after the first six months, can cause concerns for most people. So when does vaginal adhesion pass in babies? Vaginal adhesion symptoms and treatment …

In the genitals of little girls ‘small lip’ In medical language, the structures on both sides are adhered to each other and even closes the urine outlet hole with thin tissue. Labial Fusion pass as. This adhesion, which occurs in the first six months after birth, may cause irritation or drying in the area over time. In addition, when cleaning the genital area, microtraumas that may develop due to extremely sensitive behavior, the diaper used or the chemicals that come into contact with the skin may cause adhesion due to certain infections. Rarely, lip adhesion, which can be encountered in adolescent girls, does not appear easily because it does not give pain or ache. We have compiled the curiosities about vaginal adhesion that can be seen in female babies and adolescent girls in our news. So when does vaginal adhesion pass in babies? Causes and treatment of lip adhesion in the genital area …


Vaginal adhesion symptoms in babies

Some of the main factors such as excessive friction, estrogen deficiency, urinary tract infection, fungal infection and use of wet wipes can prepare the ground for genital lip adhesion.

One of the rare negative effects of vaginal adhesion is urinary tract inflammation. In such cases, estrogen-containing creams are applied to adhesive areas twice a day for 2-8 weeks. In most people, adhesions begin to clear within two to three weeks.

Advanced Labial fusion adhesions can be opened under general anesthesia. During the recovery period after the intervention, small lips should be opened to both sides for a few weeks and estrogen or petroleum jelly cream should be applied to the area.

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