What is vegetarian nutrition meat products are not consumed!


Nowadays, people who are increasingly eating vegan or vegetarian diets await harm besides the benefits of this eating style. Vegetarians who consume herbal products, do not consume animal products (products made from red meat, chicken, fish, milk and milk) may face conditions such as vitamin deficiency, circulatory problems and anemia. Here are all the curious about vegetarian nutrition!

Vegetarian nutrition

In this form of nutrition, chicken is fed without consuming animal foods such as fish and meat. Those who eat vegetarian are divided into groups according to their eating style.


It is the most challenging type of nutrition. In addition to foods such as chicken, meat and fish, they do not consume foods such as dairy products and eggs. In fact, they do not feed on any creature that has eyes with his mother.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians

These vegetarians do not prefer to consume meat, but eat dairy products and eggs.

Lacto vegetarians

Such vegetarians are caught between vegans and lacto-ovo, and lacto-ovo are a stricter group than vegetarians. They do not eat meat, fish and eggs, but consume dairy products.

Ovo vegetarians

This group does not eat meat, fish and dairy products; they consume eggs.

Pesko vegetarians

This vegetarian group consists of people who approach food more moderately and relax the rules a little more. Such vegetarians do not eat meat and chicken, but consume fish, eggs, milk and dairy products.


Vegetarians in this group do not consume only red meat. Other than that, they eat everything.

who Fruiyari

This group of vegetarians feed only on fruit.

Is vegetarian nutrition healthy?

A lot of research has been done on healthy vegetarianism but has not been fully proven. But it can be said with certainty that this diet has both benefits and harm to the body.

Vegetarians are protected from cholesterol and heart disease

Vegetarians do not eat meat if their benefits are counted; therefore they do not consume saturated fat from animal foods. In this way, they are protected from cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases.

Vitamin deficiency and causing anemia

The harm of vegan nutrition is that they do not consume any animal food, and various conditions such as anemia and circulation problems can occur due to the deficiency of iron and vitamin B12. Therefore, vegetarians must be fed with a very strict nutrition program and meet the nutritional values ​​that the body needs and cannot get from animal foods from vegetables and fruits.

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