What is vulvodine causes pain and burning in the genital area!


Vulvodine is used to describe a disease that causes pain in the external genital area in women. widely unknown in Turkey this disorder, affecting 15% of women. Vulvodini differs from vaginismus, which is a psychological disorder, by being a real pain experienced in times other than relationship. So why does vulvodine? what are the symptoms? The answers to all your questions are in our content!

What is vulvodine?

Vulvodini disease, which is thought to affect about 15 percent of women, namely vulva disease, means the pain of the external genital area in women. Vulva; It includes the inner lips (small lips), outer lips (large lips), clitoris, vestibulm and hymen (hymen) that are the entrance area of ​​the vagina. Genital pain can be continuous or manifested in the form of throbbing, throbbing, stinging, burning or burning from time to time. Sometimes the knife incision in that region is also described by patients in the form of salt pressing on the open wound and burning with acid.

Can trigger sexual intercourse

Pain can be triggered when wearing tampons or after sexual intercourse. The pain can also spread to the hip area and inner legs, increasing its severity.

Different from vaginismus

Vulvodini is different from the vaginismus problem, which is usually caused by psychological factors. While there is a fear of pain during sexual intercourse in vaginismus, there is a real sense of pain and pain in vulvodinia. This pain can occur in normal daily life, except in relationship, and negatively affects the person’s psychology.

There are two types of diffuse and regional vulvodinia

There are two different types of this ailment. Common vulvodinia and Regional Vulvodinia.
Diffuse Vulvodinia (Generalize Vulvodynia) describes the pain that occurs in different places, at different times in the vulva region. Touch and pressure trigger pain.
Regional Vulvodinia (Localized Vulvodynia) is a complaint of pain in only one area of ​​the vulva. The feeling of pressure and touch, such as wearing tight jeans, tight pants, physical exercise, sitting or sexual intercourse, increase the severity of pain.

Symptoms of vulvodine

According to the national health system, vulvodine can affect women of all ages. Throbbing, such as pain, burning, swelling, and stinging, are just the main symptoms of flat pain and itching. Vulvodine can be in a certain area or cover the entire genital area. Genital pain can last for months or even years. It is quite annoying by patients. Pain is sometimes experienced more intensively in premenstrual periods.

Why does vulvodine?

There are nerve damage and irritation of the genital area, hypersensitivity to vaginal fungal infections, pelvic muscle spasms (cramp-shaped contractions), hormonal disorders, history of sexual abuse, frequent use of antibiotics, allergies to chemicals and genetic factors.

Disease treatment

Prescription drugs such as anesthetic gel and antidepressants are often recommended for this disease, which is called vagina depression. What you will do at home to alleviate the pain is to avoid 100 percent cotton underwear, fragrant hygiene products and apply cold compresses to the vagina area. Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University say group therapy can help relieve symptoms.

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