What methods of eyebrow removal at home give the fastest result on the network!


Taking your eyebrow yourself at home is both a hygienic and inexpensive method. Especially because of the threat of coronavirus, the most appropriate choice in our days when we spend our time at home will be to shape your eyebrow yourself. You can get the wax with the help of a mascara brush or eyebrow comb by determining the most suitable method for your eyebrow with tweezers or rope. Here are eyebrow removal methods. . .

Browming with tweezers

Browming with tweezers is one of the safest and easiest eyebrow removal methods. After combing your eyebrows with the help of a brush, cut your long eyebrows with eyebrow scissors. Then, take the unwanted excess and shape your eyebrow. If you want to shorten your eyebrows; You can cut the parts of your eyebrows and the middle parts.

eyebrow pulling

If you want to try the eyebrow removal method; Wrap a long string around your fingers and give it the scissors shape. While trying this method, you can make a mistake at first. So if you cannot direct the rope as you wish; we recommend that you do not use this technique.

Waxing with waxing

It may be a bit painful to get eyebrows with waxing, but it will give the fastest result. You should pay attention to the place where you apply the wax while taking your eyebrows with waxing, you should not carry too much. There is a step you should not skip before waxing with your eyebrows. This step; shorten your eyebrows! Thus, you will be able to see your eyebrows more clearly and understand which areas you should shape. It is very important not to use waxes that will leave marks on your face, not to carry them while applying the wax and not to irritate the skin.

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