What should be done for a twin pregnancy? Ways to increase the chance of twin babies naturally

There are some suggestions that will increase the likelihood of couples who want to have twin babies to achieve these dreams. Although we have mentioned the possibility, we have listed the recommendations you should consider for the occurrence of multiple pregnancy! All the details that concern those who want twin pregnancy in a natural way are in the news! Methods that increase the chance of twin pregnancy! To whom is the twin pregnancy gene connected, what should be done to give birth to a twin baby?

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For mothers who have +1 more life in their womb than ordinary pregnancies, twin baby care seems to be a difficult and exhausting thing, with the indescribable happiness they will experience when they take them in their arms. ‘Good that’ they will be able to say. It is possible to reach the possibility of twin babies by trying various methods, which is not possible for everyone. In twin baby formation primary causative genetic factors although applied today infertility treatment, It is a treatment method that provides ovulation by stimulating the ovaries in people who are not expectant mothers. As a result of more than one ovulation during treatment, fertilization occurs with sperm. To this fertilized egg zygote is called and twin pregnancy occurs. The incidence of multiple pregnancies in the high-risk pregnancies group is more common depending on some factors. One of these factors If the expectant mother is twins or there are twins on both sides of the spouses, the situation of postponing the pregnancy to advanced age and people who have given birth more than one. Again, apart from these factors, if the treatment methods applied by couples who want to have a child will result in a positive result, it usually manifests itself as a twin pregnancy. Twin pregnancy occurs more frequently as more than one egg can be discharged in the treatment methods applied. We have compiled the curiosities about twin pregnancy for you …

Twin pregnancy

Let’s take a detailed look at twin pregnancies divided into two groups as single and double eggs:

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Fraternal twins:

In cases where women ovulate once at the beginning of each month, and rarely, twin eggs, fraternal twins are formed when two separate eggs are fertilized with two separate sperm. Their gender may be different. There are two separate placenta and amniotic fluids.

Identical twins:

As a result of the division of a single fertilized egg into two separate embryos, identical twins are formed. They are similar enough to be said to be identical to each other. Their blood type, gender, hair and eye colors are the same.


What are the symptoms of twin pregnancy?

If you feel like you are psychologically carrying more than one baby in your belly, your doctor should diagnose the situation precisely. In order for a twin pregnancy to occur a fetal ultrasound may be required. If the sacs are seen separately as a result of the ultrasound, this indicates the formation of two separate babies. In twin pregnancy, which is not differentiated with normal pregnancy symptoms, symptoms may be extra intense and early. In the most general form, we can list the twin pregnancy symptoms as follows:

In the 1st trimester vomiting with premature and extreme nausea
Extra weight gain
Back pain
Growth in the belly
In the 2nd trimester and then more fetal movement
Your pregnancy Towards the 3rd trimester Other symptoms that may be seen:

– Arrival
– Back pain
Trouble breathing
Gestational diabetes
– Early birth.



In multiple pregnancies, which may occur differently than normal pregnancies, the number of fetuses in the uterus will not be single, so it may take some time to detect this. If 2 sacs are seen in the ultrasound control at the 5th and 6th weeks of pregnancy, this is the harbinger of twin pregnancy. In the face of this situation, couples flying with happiness may experience the joy of having twin babies.

However, there is an important thing to know that this is only the formation stage of twin babies. When we look at the fetuses, while one of them continues to develop, the development of the other may end.

Therefore, especially In the case of twin pregnancy, it is necessary to wait between the 7th and 8th weeks before a clear diagnosis can be made. Since the heartbeats of the baby can be heard during these weeks, the presence of two separate heartbeat sounds indicates that both babies are present in the uterus.


It has a higher complication rate than normal pregnancy. These complications are primarily preterm birth, gestational tension, gestational diabetes, and limitation of growths in the uterus. If it is noticed in advance that the babies will have premature birth with the appearance of preterm birth in half of the women who conceive with twins, the birth can be stopped with preventive treatments or needle time can be gained for the lung development of the babies.

If twin babies do not grow at the same rate, this is the case misfit twins It is qualified as. This condition, which can lead to death, is referred to as twin-twin transfusion syndrome in the medical literature. This syndrome, which is seen in identical twins, can be seen as a result of uneven blood distribution if babies share the same placenta.

Other methods that increase the chances of couples who dream of twin babies to achieve these wishes are as follows …

What are the factors that increase the chance of twin pregnancy?



Genetics play an important role for pregnancy to be multiple, such as twins, triplets or quadruplets. Although twin pregnancies are seen in the father’s relatives, it is not known to have much effect, but multiple pregnancies on the mother’s side strengthen having twin babies.



Experts point out that getting pregnant at an advanced age is a risky situation for the expectant mother and the baby herself. The probability of disability in the babies of expectant mothers who are pregnant especially after the age of 40 increases. However, apart from this information, 17% of women show that around the age of 40, twins can also be conceived. The reason is that older women produce more eggs than younger women.


Weight factor, which is effective in secretion of reproductive hormones, may increase the possibility of conceiving twins. You should stay away from fatty foods such as fast food, instead, you should consult a specialist to gain weight with healthy methods.



Folic acid consumption, which should be started three months before pregnancy, appears to increase the likelihood of twin pregnancy. You should pay attention to gain weight in natural and healthy ways and do not neglect regular nutrition. The 400 micrograms of folic acid supplements recommended by experts for expectant mothers will prevent possible congenital defects that may be seen in the baby.

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