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What Should Be Normal Small-Large Blood Pressure Values?

What Should Be Normal Small-Large Blood Pressure Values?

Blood pressure in the arteries is called blood pressure. Blood pressure values ​​vary from person to person depending on many factors. Under normal conditions, large blood pressure is expected to be between 120-130 and small blood pressure is between 70-90. Age, physical characteristics, stress, lifestyle factors in the light of changing high or low blood pressure values ​​refers to two different health problems. The decrease in blood pressure values ​​is called hypotension, whereas the expression of high blood pressure is hypertension.

What should be normal small-large blood pressure values?

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Blood pressure values ​​vary from person to person. Normally accepted blood pressure measurement is 12/8. Experts say that the occasional deviation in these values ​​is normal, while long-term irregularities say that an expert opinion should be sought. Stating that great blood pressure in healthy and adult individuals should be at least 90, at most 160 , experts underline the importance of frequent blood pressure measurements after a certain age. This is the only way to prevent tension irregularities that can be detected by frequent measurements.

How Low Is Blood Pressure?

In the case of low blood pressure problems where blood pressure is the smallest, if the smallest value is around 50 and the large value is around 80 , this indicates low blood pressure. In this case, it is beneficial to get help from the nearest health institution.

 [194590010] If the smaller value shows 70 and less , there may be a drop in blood pressure without a meaning of the big value. The same is true for the great value. If the blood pressure value shows 100 and below blood pressure may fall again without the meaning of small value.

How High Is Blood Pressure?

High blood pressure problems occur with increased blood pressure. Large blood pressure value 140, small blood pressure value is 90 and up blood pressure is increased. These values ​​may be higher in older people. On the other hand, for some people, normal blood pressure values ​​can be in different ranges. In order to determine this condition, it is necessary to consult a doctor by realizing that blood pressure values ​​are observed to be out of normal as a result of measurements made at certain periods.

 Blood Pressure Values ​​by Age

  • In infants: Big 90, small 60
  • For children between the ages of 1 and 10: Large 100, small 70
  • For young people between the ages of 10 and 18: Large 110, small 73
  • For individuals between the ages of 18 and 35: Large 120, small 75
  • For individuals between the ages of 35 and 50: Large 130, small 80
  • For individuals between 50 and 70: Large 140, small 85
  • 7 For individuals between 0 and 90 years of age: Large 150, small 87

Blood Pressure Values ​​Table

So how to calculate blood pressure according to this table? You can obtain information about the status of your blood pressure by checking your measurement results from the table above and evaluating them according to the comments below. Remember that you should consult your nearest health care provider if there is a possible low or high blood pressure.

  • If the value of high blood pressure becomes 140 and above, the blood pressure is elevated regardless of the value of small blood pressure.
  • If the small blood pressure value is at or above 90, the blood pressure value is elevated regardless of the large blood pressure value.
  • If the high blood pressure value is at or below 90, there is a decrease in blood pressure regardless of the small blood pressure value.
  • If the small blood pressure value is at or below 60, there is a decrease in blood pressure regardless of the large blood pressure value.
  • The most ideal values ​​for blood pressure are large 120, small 80 or 75 measurements.

How Should Normal Blood Pressure Values ​​Be During Pregnancy?

Blood pressure measurements are also important during pregnancy. Both the body of the woman who becomes vulnerable due to pregnancy and the health of the unborn baby can be adversely affected by blood pressure disorders. Obstetrics and gynecologists say that a pregnant woman should not have a high blood pressure of 14 and a small blood pressure of 9. Figures above these values ​​indicate high blood pressure.

Of course, as in other people, in pregnant women, these values ​​may vary due to various factors. The experts say the ideal values ​​are 12/8. Blood pressure values ​​are caused by anemia and poor fluid consumption. The most important factor among the causes of high blood pressure problem during pregnancy is considered as kidney diseases. In the light of all this information, it can be mentioned that the importance of monitoring blood pressure values ​​carefully during pregnancy.


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