What Will 2021 Aesthetic Trends Be?

When the restrictions of the pandemic period were lifted, there was an intense interest in medical aesthetic applications. In the pessimistic environment created by the pandemic, it was observed that people were in a search to make them feel better.

Since the end of the restrictions in June, interventions that heal rapidly without the need for surgery, such as intensive botox, fillers, jawlines, anti aging, and dermapenes, frequently take place.

With the pandemic period, the aesthetic struggles in the new normal order focused more on the eyes and their surroundings. Assuming that the masks cover the lip and cheek areas in 2020, the operations where the eyes are the focus came to the fore. Eyebrow suspension, which is often called botox and cat eye for the eye area, used to make the eye area look more beautiful and more attractive, and hanging the eye edge with threads upwards were very popular.

If we count that masks will be in our lives for a while, we can say that the aesthetic trends of 2021 will be in this direction. In addition, it is thought that procedures such as lip filling, jawline and anti aging will be done intensively to make people feel good.

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