What You Need to Know About Headset Hygiene from A to Z

Headphones that we use all day long for phone calls, video calls, playing games, listening to music or doing sports have become an integral accessory of our lives. While the new generation headphones with high sound quality have evolved into wired or wireless models, in-ear bluetooth connected headphones have been preferred more recently due to their small and easy-to-carry features and dimensions as well as high sound quality. This situation brings with it the ear canal and headphone hygiene problems and questions, where air contact is cut off. In headphones that are not cleaned and unhygienic, it is easy to observe a decrease and deterioration in sound quality over time. Let’s take a look at how we can maintain hygiene with the materials you have, without damaging your headphones and sound quality.

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Cleaning with warm water and soap


You can clean the ear tips and ear pads with a soft cloth moistened with warm water and soap. If there are pieces that can be separated, it will be more useful to delete them separately. After wiping, you can end the cleaning by drying. It will be enough to repeat this process once a week.

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Hygiene with oxygenated water and brush


You can maintain the hygiene of your headphones with the help of oxygenated water left in the first aid kit and a toothbrush that you do not use. After moistening a soft cloth with oxygenated water, wipe all parts of your earphone, where you have detached the in-ear silicones, one by one with the cloth. Treat the inner areas that you cannot reach with a toothbrush. Dry thoroughly with a paper towel after the process is complete.

Headphone care with disinfectant and brush


You can use disinfectants, which we almost never leave with us, with peace of mind in cleaning the headphones. Again, by moistening a soft cloth with disinfectant, you can ensure the hygiene of the earmuffs and ear pads. You can also maintain the sound quality of your headphones by reaching areas you cannot reach with brush touches.

Cleaning with rubbing alcohol and a brush


Another disinfection method can be performed with the help of a soft cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. You can clean your headphones by disinfecting with a rubbing cloth and drying them with a paper towel.

Headphone care after sports


As you know, body temperature increases during sports. While doing sports, oil and dirt accumulate in the ear holes closed by the earphones. This causes the earphones to become moist. This grease and dirt reduces the sound quality and performance of the headphones, shortening their life. For this reason, after sports cleaning and drying are extra important for headphone care.

In addition to all these methods, it is very important for hygiene to keep your headset in its own box. The case keeps your earbuds free from dust, keeping them clean and prolonging their life by preserving sound quality. Another issue you should pay attention to is whether your headset is silicone and the material it is made of is suitable for interaction with alcohol. It is useful to read the user manual carefully and choose a cleaning method accordingly. Otherwise, alcohol-based methods may damage your headset’s paint.


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