What You Need to Know About Onion Juice and Its Effects on Hair

With the increasing effectiveness of social media, we have met many new beauty trends in recent years. Onion juice, one of the newest of these, is actually not a new beauty product as we think. This miraculous water has been used in various ways for both health and maintenance for many years. We have researched onion juice and its effects on hair for you. If you have hair loss problems, we have good news for you! 😊 This water, which you can easily prepare in your home, will be your indispensable place. 😏 Here’s what you need to know about onion juice and its effects on hair …

First, let’s talk about the benefits of onion juice! 😊


Onion juice is not only used for maintenance. This miraculous water has many positive effects on our health. From ear infections to fungal treatment, you can benefit from onion juice for your various health problems. You can click here to get more detailed information about the benefits of onion juice.

Let’s continue with the effects of onion juice on hair. There are some things you should know first 🀨


First, you shouldn’t think that onion juice is a magical water that heals everything. 😊 If the cause of your hair loss is a health problem, then you need to talk to a specialist as soon as possible. This way, you can eliminate the factors that cause hair loss. In this process, there is no harm in supporting your hair care with onion juice!

Onion juice promotes hair growth


Although scientific studies on the effects of onion juice on hair are very limited, this does not mean that no research has been done. A small study proves that onion juice can promote hair growth. So how does this happen? Since onion juice contains plenty of sulfur, it increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation and supports collagen production. In this way, it especially helps those who have hair problems due to mineral deficiency! 😊

Another effect of onion juice on hair is that it combats white hair.


Sulfur in onion juice is also effective on white hair strands! Increasing free radicals as we age affect our hair density and cause pigment loss. So this means an increase in our white hair strands one by one! 😨 We mentioned that sulfur supports collagen production. Collagen minimizes the signs of aging by fighting free radicals.

Onion juice is also effective on dandruff problem

onion juice

You know that onion juice is a natural antibiotic. For this reason, it is also perfect for relieving itchy and irritated scalp! As we mentioned before, although scientific studies on onion juice are very limited, applying onion juice to the scalp can relieve your scalp and prevent problems such as dandruff.

To make your own onion juice at home πŸ‘‡πŸ»

onion juice

It’s a lot easier when you think of preparing your own onion juice at home! 😊 Peel the 4 onions and cut each into pieces. Then pull it in a food processor and squeeze it well with a clean cheesecloth. Transfer the squeezed onion juice to a jar. You can also add it to your shampoo if you wish. Additionally, you can use a few drops of natural oil to mask the smell of onion juice. Of course, it is useful to do a small allergy test on the inside of your elbow before applying onion juice to your hair. Finally, you should not forget that you can only see the effects of onion juice with regular use.

Is onion juice ideal for all hair types?

onion juice

Onion juice can be used by all hair types with peace of mind. However, if you have hair loss problems in certain areas, it is useful to apply it to those areas specifically. If your goal is to moisturize your hair, you can apply it to all your hair.

How do you make onion juice more nutritious?

onion juice

There are two ways to make onion juice more nourishing for your hair:

  • Coconut oil
  • Amla oil

You can choose one of these two oils and add it to the onion juice.

What are the harms of onion juice?

onion juice

If you have tested the onion juice on your skin before applying it to your hair and you have not encountered any rash, you can use this miraculous water as you wish. Of course, it is useful to keep it away from your eyes!

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