What you need to know about the importance of blood value for healthy hair

Information on the Importance of Blood Values ​​in Hair Health

Having good blood values ​​helps people to stay healthy in every sense. With the decrease in blood values, many diseases and diseases begin to appear. Blood is an essential part of the human body. Because 13/1 of the human body consists of blood, in other words, a person weighing 70 kilograms has 5 liters of blood in his body.

Hair health is either good or bad depending on the blood circulation and blood values. Hair cells It needs energy and oxygen to build strong hair. All this energy is obtained from blood. So to healthy hair People who have blood values ​​are also at normal levels.

The Effect of Low Blood Value on Hair Loss


Low blood values ​​cause very negative effects on human health. When you think that hair is also a part of the human body, you can conclude that low blood values ​​will cause negativity in this area as well. Experts say that with the decrease in blood value, there are some problems such as hair loss, dullness, dullness, loss of shine. Because there are real results of clinical tests behind these claims.

Blood values ​​can have a positive or negative effect on hair. According to the examinations made, the most important factors affecting the blood value of the hair Iron, Feritin, B12, Zinc, folic acid, biotin and Vitamin D was determined to be. With the decrease in blood values, some or all of these elements decrease, and this causes hair loss. According to the studies, even iron deficiency alone can cause hair loss, it should not be difficult to predict what the decrease in all values ​​will cost.

Why Does Anemia Occur?


Most people can lose their hair either completely or partially due to anemia problem. iron deficiencyhair problems, which are more common in anemia depending on what, in women menstrual bleeding It is seen when it is excessive. Apart from this, this problem is also seen in people with nutritional problems. Things such as not eating regularly, eating foods that are devoid of iron are among the most important factors in anemia problem.

Hair Care and Most Effective Hair Care Tips


Hair It is an important ornament for both women and men. Because you go in front of the mirror 5-10 times every day, without exception, and you are doing small care for your hair. Necessary treatment methods should also be applied against hair loss caused by anemia problem. Although hair is not vital, it is the most important part of the human body in terms of appearance. For this reason, blood values ​​should be at the required level for hair health.

The factor that causes the hair loss problem you are experiencing anemia (anemia) If it is clarified that you should definitely consult with a specialist in order to implement the treatment programs. Although it may seem like a problem that is not taken seriously, it is necessary to pay attention to the increase of blood values ​​for hair health. Because, as we mentioned above, anemia does not only affect the hair, but causes some disorders in all parts of the body.

Is Your Iron Tank Full?

Ironis an essential mineral in hair as well as in the entire body. The lack of it causes hair loss, but the functioning of the iron mineral is primarily directed towards itself, that is, it establishes its warehouse in whichever organ it has more comfortable accommodation. However, although hair has important stem cells, it is not a place of protection for the iron mineral. That’s why high blood values ​​for hair health It is said that after enough iron is collected in the body, it distributes the remaining parts.

If you are faced with a hair loss problem due to iron deficiency or anemia, remember that you should definitely contact your doctor without wasting time.

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