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What’s Good for Dry Cough at Night for Kids? My Child Coughs Dry At Night

What’s Good for Dry Cough at Night for Kids? My Child Coughs Dry At Night

Nighttime dry cough in children is a very common health problem in childhood and can be caused by a variety of causes, from colds to allergies. In this article, we have included questions and answers to doctors about dry cough in children at night.

What causes dry cough in children at night?

    1. Bronchitis
    2. Sinusitis

Colds, influenza, influenza

  1. Asthma
  2. Allergy
  3. Nasal flesh, tonsil growth
  4. Bronchiolit
  5. Reflux
  6. Nasal congestion

How does a dry cough occur in children at night?

Boil 1 cup of water on the stove, cover the bottom of the stove, throw 3-4 quince leaves and brew for 5 minutes. Consult your doctor and drink this tea for your child. Quince leaf is very effective in cutting cough.


Questions and answers to doctors about night cough in children

Question: My son has a dry cough for 3 to 3 days, especially at night. We’re using benical syrup, but it didn’t pass. What can we do?


Pediatric Doctor Murat Aydin’s answer: (Go ahead, you can also be given the secret pad.)

Question: I have an 8-year-old daughter of the doctor. I cough for about 1 month. Especially a dry cough that starts in the afternoon and becomes more frequent in the evening. Why does this happen?


Pediatrician Prof.Dr. Sami Ozturk’s answer: (Dry and chronic cough is a symptom of asthma. Your child may have asthma. If possible, go to an allergy specialist, if possible, go to the Children’s Chest Diseases. A doctor said cough variant asthma, “I say and I’ll come. )

Question: My daughter is 1.5 years old and 3 days after waking up to dry day and night after half an hour wake up with a dry cough I do not give a cold when I change sweating I do not understand why I say I’ll take you to the doctor tomorrow what do you recommend?


Pediatrician Asaf Guven’s answer: (If it continues, have it examined. I can recommend saline, warm water and herbal tea to your nose.)

Question: My 25-month-old daughter has a dry cough for two days. Especially during the night it is rising but also during the day. Which syrups do you recommend?


Pediatrician Prof.Dr. Sami Öztürk’s answer: (It is especially dangerous to recite drugs in small children and infants. Sometimes even a pneumonia can be caused by cough. A modern approach is to be treated with a medical examination.)

Question: I have a 2.5-year-old daughter has a dry cough for about a month when I took the doctor, stunned the child and gave the syrup stunned in the syrup. linden honey, etc. we did for example one night never cough next day 5min or night there is a dry cough, coughing sometimes in the daytime sometimes stops sometimes runny nose weakness just dry cough what can you recommend?


Pediatrician Murat Aydin’s answer: (Dry cough can be considered more allergic, especially at night, this allergy can be against household dust, you can drink 1 scale claritine syrup at night.)

Question: My son started coughing for 14 months and 2-3 days ago, he didn’t have a cough at night or anything but he was last night and got more intense when he got up in the morning. and cough was like phlegm. home ventolin he had syrup today I began to give it. I wonder if the right syrup, what should I give?


Pediatrician Murat Aydin’s answer: (Yes, you can give syrup, but it will be healthy if examined and treated.)

Question: I took my 5-year-old son to a doctor for coughing. We didn’t have any problems except cough. It’s about the upper respiratory tract, he said. He gave us cough syrup levopront and exofed. Our son was coughed 1-2 times during the day, short-term dry and continuous. She has a coughing spree lasting about 1-2 times every night for about 15-20 minutes. There’s nothing in these coughs. We have no complaints of fever, weakness or the like. We’ve never lived in a situation like this before. I’m waiting for your advice.


Pediatrician Ali Tirtir’s answer: (It may be sinusitis, rhinitis or an allergic condition. You should consult a physician again for this.)

Note: The answers to the questions mentioned in this article are exclusive to individuals. Do not use any medicine for your child without consulting your doctor.

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