When do pregnancy symptoms begin?

Pregnancy symptoms start time is a process that varies with every pregnant woman. However, if it is necessary to generalize, between the first 4 and 8 weeks. pregnancy symptoms begins to be observed.

What Are Pregnancy Symptoms?

Pregnancy symptoms include:

  • Sensitivity and pain occur in the breasts with the darkening of the tips of the breasts and the veins in the chest area.
  • Menstrual delay is a sign of pregnancy.
  • Usually a nausea occurs when you wake up in the morning. Changing hormone balance in the body causes this.
  • Symptoms such as emotional sensitivity, easier crying to the smallest events, and sudden irritability may occur.
  • Dizziness may occur because the pressure created by the uterus limits blood pumping.
  • Although not seen in all pregnant women, a symptom seen in most pregnant women, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, is also overcoming.
  • Small bleeding may occur.
  • Various cramps can occur as the uterus expands for preparation for the baby.
  • During this period, the body often needs to go to the toilet, especially since it produces more fluid.
  • Since the fetus growing in the uterus also needs oxygen, the mother’s need for oxygen increases during this period and she may experience shortness of breath.


How should pregnancy calculation be done?

Pregnancy calculation is a calculation that one has to do according to the menstrual calendar. Based on the menstrual delay, he can calculate the period of his pregnancy and what symptoms he will experience.

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