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When Is A Caesarean Seam Heals When To Get Cesarean Seam Images

When Is A Caesarean Seam Heals When To Get Cesarean Seam Images

Cesarean internal stitches are also known as ‘aesthetic stitches’ in the society. Cesarean internal stitches are applied both for aesthetic appearance and for the non-infection of that area and for the body to recover quickly. Appearance and aesthetics are very important for almost all women. That’s why most of the mothers prefer cesarean internal stitches. Because, in this method, the stitches melt spontaneously and do not leave much traces.

You should take care of your caesarean inseams regularly and avoid lifting weights as much as possible. You should pay attention to these issues so that your stitches do not open. The suture area will heal in 2-4 days. It wouldn’t hurt to take a shower after this time. It takes an average of 1 week for the wounds and stitches to heal completely. However, this is also related to how much you care about your personal care and what kind of body you have.

What Does Internal Stitching Mean?

A suture method called ‘aesthetic stitch’ is used in cesarean delivery. When the wound is closed with this method, there are no needle and stitch marks left. Since the stitch is not visible from the outside and leaves a very slight scar, it is called cesarean aesthetic suture. The feature of the sewing materials used in cesarean inseam is that they are self-melting. Such stitches are defined as subcuticular suture in medicine. In society, it is called ‘aesthetic stitch’. The stitches are applied in a continuous line, not one by one. It is not visible when viewed from the outside by making it under the skin and leaves less scars than other stitches.

When Do Caesarean Internal Stitches Pass?

Cesarean section, which is a surgical operation, is applied at about 39 weeks of pregnancy. An average of 10 cm incision is made in the mother’s lower abdomen and the baby is removed from the mother’s womb. Cesarean section is approximately half an hour. Cesarean internal stitches start to heal a few days after the operation and disappear completely within 10 days.

When Do Caesarean Stitches Heal?

The answer to the question of how many days the cesarean stitches heal varies according to the type of stitches used. Cesarean section is a procedure that can be applied with 4 different sewing methods. Self-melting stitches are often used. These stitches disappear in 1 week. However, if normal stitches are made, it must be removed by the doctor. This is usually done 1 week after surgery.

What Should Be Done for the Recovery of Cesarean Internal Stitches?

Although the caesarean inside stitches are not visible from the outside, you should take care to protect those stitches. If you want to recover quickly, you should rest constantly, avoid strenuous work, and do your personal care correctly. You should not consume foods that cause gas in the intestine. You should avoid activities that will cause the internal seams of cesarean section to open. If you are constipated, you should not strain yourself by pushing too much. To prevent this situation, you should not eat foods that cause constipation.

You should take a standing shower and not sit and take a bath in order to prevent damage to your caesarean internal stitches. If you feel ready when your bleeding stops after giving birth, you can have a relationship with your partner. But for this, you must first consult your doctor.

It is okay to breastfeed your baby. On the contrary, breastfeeding helps your body to recover and your inner caesarean stitches to boil in a shorter time.

In summary, you should pay attention to everything, including what you eat and drink, and your lying position for the rapid healing of cesarean internal stitches. Nutritious foods such as meat, milk, eggs and bone broth should be emphasized.

When Are Cesarean Sutures Taken?

Aesthetic stitches are mostly preferred for cesarean delivery. These stitches dissolve spontaneously and disappear in 1 week. If normal stitches were applied, you will need to go back to the hospital after 1 week to have your stitches removed.



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