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When will the baby’s gender be determined?

When will the baby’s gender be determined?

Nowadays, the results of ultrasound at first glance, changes in the future of pregnancy can amaze the expectant mother and father candidates. Well, when is the sex clearest in pregnancy? Are there ways to predict gender? Here’s the answer …

The sex of a baby in the womb is clear from the time of the womb. However, the baby needs to reach a certain size to be understood from outside. Even though the gender learning which is understood by looking at the ultrasound device is determined at the end of the 3 rd month, at the average 13 th weeks, it should be waited at the 20th week for the final result.

In the 13th week, the maternal screening test applied to the mothers is not applied for gender determination but the baby’s organs are examined in this process. In this process which determines whether there is Down Syndrome discomfort, the genital tubercle is examined between the legs while looking at the skeletal system .

If the genital tubercle angles greater than 45 degrees from the horizontal plane of the image gives male fetus is interpreted as giving the female fetus if the angle less than 45 degrees. However, there is no certainty


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