Who Is The Eyebrow Lift Aesthetics Applied And What Are The Results?

One- Eyebrow lift Who gets aesthetics done?

Eyebrow lift aesthetics It’s actually a bit of an outdated term. Because nowadays, the procedures performed in this area aim to remove not only the eyebrow but the entire eye area. Ideally, for both men and women, the fact that the outer corner of the eye is higher than the inner corner gives a more impressive look. In parallel, the eyebrow should be higher than the inner corner of the outer corner. Naturalness is lost when one of them is not the other. “Bella eyesThese types of applications, which are called by many names such as “cat’s eye, fox’s eye”, are generally applied to people with low outer edges of the eyebrows and eyes to catch these ideal slopes and angles.

2- Is it a painful procedure?

Eyebrow lift surgery can be very simple and painless depending on the diameter of the procedure, or it may cause a headache that lasts for a few days. It does not leave any traces since it is a stretching process that is usually performed by entering through the hair. In the early period, although it varies according to the pain tolerance of the patient, there is a feeling of tension in the temple area. Patients describe it as “as if my hair was fastened tightly with a barrette”. If there is an operation for the eyelids or the middle face in the same operation (which usually happens), then the swelling, bruising and pressure feeling may be more pronounced. These complaints pass in 3-5 days on average, and do not last longer than 7 days. On the other hand, in most plastic surgeries, the patient says “why did I do this to myself” the next day, and when the results come out, he says “please delete my old photos” :)

3- Can it be combined with other processes?

Procedures for the eyebrow and temple area are often combined with other procedures such as mid-face lift, eyelid correction, cheek fat removal, jowl and neck lift. In my clinic, eyebrow lift alone is rarely done, we mostly go for combined applications. While part of the face is like this, some part should not be like this, the change must be balanced for a natural look.

4- How is the recovery process after the operation?

This operation is done with an incision that remains in the hair, so wound healing is hidden and smooth. However, in the early postoperative period, the trio of swelling-bruising-bandage is inevitable. This takes a maximum of a week. There are a lot of screen faces in my patient group, these people can usually go to the shooting / set on the 7th day of the operation and go live. If it is the middle face, neck etc. If it enters, this period may extend to 10-12 days.

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