Who Will Look Good With Ashy Brown Hair Color?

Whose Ashy Brown Hair Color Looks Beautiful How To Make It At Home?

Ashy brown is a popular hair color that looks very stylish and elegant. Most of the women make their choice in favor of ashy auburn hair color. The grayer shade of auburn is called ashy auburn. There are different shades of ash brown hair color and they are all beautiful. Ashy auburn with a cool undertone, which is between light brown and dark yellow, adds beauty to our beauty with yellow or gray shimmers.

Who Would Suit Ashy Brown Hair Color?

We will dye our hair, but we do not want it to be obvious that they are dyed. So we should prefer natural looking hair colors. This is the biggest difference of ashy brown.

Ash brown hair is one of the most popular hair colors. This hair color, which gives an impressive appearance, makes us look younger than we are. If you have brown hair color, ashy auburn is just right for you. Whether you are white, wheat or dark skinned, you can choose ashy auburn hair color. Because among the different shades of ashy auburn, there is definitely a tone that is compatible with every skin color. With this feature, ashy brown hair suits everyone. Especially light skin color and ashy brown hair create a perfect harmony. It would not be an exaggeration to say that it amazes those who see it. If you have colored eyes, ashy auburn will add a glamorous air to you. For those with blue eyes, ashy auburn is one of the best choices.

How to Get Ashy Brown Hair Color at Home?

In order to obtain ashy auburn hair color, several dyes must be mixed. Because using a single color hair dye will not be enough.

  1. Colormax Tube Dye 8.0 Intense Light Auburn
  2. Nevacolor Premium 6.1 Ashy Dark Auburn
  3. Colormax Tube Dye 008 Intense Blue Corrector

With these dyes, we will achieve ashy auburn hair color. Of course we have to mix it first.

We use all of the intense light auburn dye. We add a quarter of the light auburn dye to the dark auburn dye, then add 2-3 cm of blue corrective dye.

Those with a dark base of hair should keep the volume of the oxidant cream they use higher before applying the dye they have prepared.

If you are going to use ashy brown hair color, you should also consider the current color of your hair. For example, those with black or dark brown hair can apply this process after lightening their hair color. However, if your hair is already light-colored, you can go directly to dyeing without using any bleach.

Ashy Brown Hair Color Care

No matter what color we dye our hair, regular maintenance is essential. This also applies to hair dyed with ashy auburn. This hair color is extremely natural looking but still needs maintenance.

If you do not want your beauty and grace to be overshadowed, you should also take care of your hair care. One of the most important things you will need for this is hair care masks. Hair masks from well-known brands will work for you, but natural hair masks should not be underestimated. In addition, conditioners that you apply after washing your hair will prevent your hair from hardening and discoloration. Shampoos that are compatible with your hair color are also an effective measure against dull and damaged hair. On the other hand, with natural care oils, you can contribute to the radiant appearance of your hair, so you can protect your naturalness with a full care.

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